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Friday, August 29, 2008

Now more than ever.

A recent Natural News article has the header Germany Bans Eight Pesticides.

"in the state of Baden-Württemberg. "Fifty to 60 percent of the bees have died on average"

That's big. I know it's not big enough how many other species get wiped off the map, but these are bees folks. Bees matter a lot.

Bees matter.

Government researchers tested the bodies of dead bees, and found that 99 percent had been contaminated with the pesticide clothianidin, made by Bayer.

If you clicked the Bayer you link, you may be surprised to find yourself reading about IG Farben manufacturers of Zyklon B. IG Farben officially took over Bayer in 1925.

That's right. Bayer is IG Farben is Zyklon B is Psycho Bee killer.

Aspirin anyone? How about some heroin?

"Bayer has discovered, among others:

I just noticed something interesting. They marketted heroin as a cough treatment AND sold methadone which is prescribed for "addicts" to get off heroin. Sounds like they got the poisons and the cure! That sounds like the best business plan ever! I will refrain from mentioning Ciproflaxacin and where anthrax came from and the surprising places it went and did not go (did not go to lead proponents of Iraq war did go to house majority leader Daschle). Look I hope you don't get your organic hemp diapers in a twist about this. It's simple they're vicious and if you want to change it. Do much more than vote.

As for the pesticides. This is serious concern for air health.
We already know they're down to market the poison and the cure.
Sounds like good business to pollute YOUR air and then sell you air filters, whatever drugs or surgery to cut out the Disease, increase insurance costs etc...
Let's give em no excuse. If they're allowed to spray whatever toxins in the air to "protect" their toxic foods what's next? What's already happening?
What I'm intending here is that we start telling other people from both sides.
Telling the people that can take it - that "people have plans that work against our interests"
Tell the people that we can live in an environment where we don't poison ourselves!
This is our house!
Are you going to let someone walk around your living room spraying Raid and whatever the Nazis used to slaughter prisoners?
Are we going to let us fill our children's lungs with poison because some poor sucker wants to eat pesticide-burgers and deep fried potatos cooked in rapeseed oil?

If they;re going to spray us against our will then that's a different role for us to take, but come on let's not buy it! Let's not let our collective ignorance be the cause of it!

So Please Message People "stumble" this article "buzz" it up at yahoo submit it to forums I don't know! Let's right these wrongs! It's a positive action! In a few years from now when we're all breathing air that's so refreshing that people are simply ecstatic just breathing. We'll know that we ushered that in. Let's not imagine the alternative
and let's not allow the alternative either through contrived ignorance.

Peace. Much Love. Let's get the action going


Look into the Mechanical Turk applications. Or just go to mturk.com

For a nickel you can have someone do thoughtwork towards these solutions and have them message other people about what's going on.

Let's do something to improve conditions tomorrows conditions today.

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