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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Learning Inspired from the Mono Diet

Ah what a wonderful time to be alive, right now!

4:42 AM already soaked up my silence and sent old stress to outer space!

How fortunate I am to have this time to take care of this body!

I'm feeling really nice after not eating for 11 hours (sleep!).

I break the fast with water and a teaspoon of dulse. One for the nutrient density and two so that I can check how my body feels about dulse; in order to be a personal scientist I must isolate the variable.

I noticed that my mouth was repeatedly getting dry despite drinking quite a bit of water. If you read my post mentioned Dr. Batmanghelidj you would have seen his suggestion to drink salt to help retain water. I have also read that too much salt translates into too much water retention.

Seems that transcending health is a lot about a balancing act. I had the fortune to meet someone who trained children in the circus and what she told me was that in order to balance - you must be silent inside. Which is why each and every day I set aside some time to simply sit in Silence.

Sitting in utter wordless Bliss.

It doesn't take any doing, it simply takes "not-doing"

We can choose to react to content - meaning to point out "specific" things and attach goodness or badness to them.

What happens when you attempt to attach goodness or badness to empty space?

What happens when you realize you can always feel great-ful with existence?

And when do you think you realize this?

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