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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Organic Bliss Experiment 2: Conscious Attention Reactivity

Utilize the chaos.
When I look at it I wish to change it.
Move the peaces around [sic].
  • The purpose to learn how we may feel differently simply from looking at a different part of a "doodle".
  • By looking at yellow next to black we may feel quite different than when looking at yellow next to blue.
  • How do the disheveled scribbles enhance the beauty of a red square?
  • Can the scribbles be seen as abundantly wonderful?*
Is even asking that question a sign that there're more layers to peel to the mental bullshit labelling and judging and not simply seeing YES. Not simply being Guh. Grok Grok.
Perhaps living too much in compartmentalized locations - pants go in cupboard hahah poop goes in septic treatment tank instead of back to the earth. packaging goes to the "dump"

And then I notice my hand stretching out.

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