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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Organic Bliss Primal Foraging

Today Thursday August 07 will be the last day in a week of no purchasing.

For the next three days I will not use electricity.

  • No computer,
  • no cell phone (ha don't use one anyway),
  • no land line,
  • no lights,
  • no ceiling fan
  • no refridgerator
  • No electricity!
For the next three days I will not purchase anything. Nothing!

I will however eat and drink wonderful substances as I like and as always aim to do better and better.

I will be writing. And I will be exercising and meditating and Dreaming.

I still have posts set up to be published every day so if you're addicted to checking - your thirst shall be slaked!

In honor of my 3 day no purchasing low tech retreat I am offering you Schizandra Berries; if you're going to purchase something get something fun and new

Or Don't! See what happens! Worst case you fast, get in touch with your deep spirit and Live Happily Ever After

I hope some of you readers will try this with me. At least the staying away from computer for a couple days. I really look forward to how this will ease myself into better patterns of use and cut down on my non-meditating sitting time.
Ha, I'm finding the relationship between my wanting to earn a few dollars with my blog and my wanting people to become completely independent and purchase very little. What I like is that it requires me to refine and refine what I consider worthy probably going to reach a point where the only purchase I'd recommend is one that has an overall positive impact on others.

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