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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Organic Bliss Quick Saving Money Going Organic

Organic non-processed foods will be cheaper than inorganic processed foods.
Food can be very very very enjoyable.
I am in ecstasy eating a mango.
I feel nourished eating almonds.
I feel brain power eating flaxseeds.
I keep it simple! soaked raisins and soaked sesame seeds. yummy energy cheap super delicious.

Sesame seeds are more nutrient dense than pretty much any processed food! No filler! More calcium per serving than milk for calves!

It's okay to not know what you'll eat if you don't eat what you ate yesterday!

All it takes is going to the farmers market (or field if you're so lucky!) and picking organic produce to eat!

Try chewing thoroughly and feeling mindful! I found natural breath by chewing a banana 150 times. That breath was so relaxing so refreshing soooo ___________! Such a worldless ooooooh! Such a wordless aaaaaaaah.

So Ok if you don't expect celery to taste like high fructose corn syrup and "natural" flavors. It's okay to say you know what, those guys at the chem lab have done a pretty powerful job making poison taste aiight, but like most drugs we turn them down when we realize the cost. I used to smoke marijuana on a very regular basis and now do not smoke at all; it's simply not necessary on my path!

To me, marijuana represents say a level 4 and I'm on at least level 5. Is this a small difference? I think a backward step is a huge difference! If I want to get to level 10+ and I DO, then choosing things where the expectations are backwards or nil simply does not work. I realize that some sort of pleasure will come. Serotonin levels will rise, will the bliss last? Will it propel me closer to my positive destiny? Or will it represent a detour? An enjoyable ephemeral distraction.

Now, I've created a consciousness that makes it difficult for me to expect enjoyment from these distractions and I get some cognitive dissonance if I somehow am watching tv through youtube accidents and this pretty much keeps it so that I simply do not spend passive time.

So What Can You Buy Organic?

For less than $2!!!
Pounds of Mung Beans
Pounds of Sesame Seeds
Pounds of Flax
Pounds of Carrots

A pound of mung beans = A LOT OF NUTRITION FOLKS!

Think about it! $1.50 for a pound of food before you add water!

These days you don't even expect to get a tiny appetizer! Go to an organic raw restaurant... do you think you can be served a half pound of dense nutrients for 75 cents?!

Again, I urge you to try eating "simple" foods just for the beginning, because it's so inspiring to me! You'll see that you're naturally an amazing chef if you give yourself the chance - either that or you realize that it's fantastic to just eat mung bean sprouts by themselves. To just eat romaine lettuce hearts by themselves... apples... tomatoes...

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