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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Organic Raw Food Foraging: 3

Good Morning!

4:00 AM here! Day 3!

Eating a nice little breakfast of dulse flakes and Purslane.

Super foods Starting the day off right!

Heading off to the fields soon to pick wheatgrass, mustard, mango, grapes, thistle, and Khubbaizeh (malva sylvestris) which is what I have here pictured (courtesy of wikipedia).

Khubbaizeh is not to be confused with Kabbazah - a sexual technique involving grasping with the anatomy.

Yesterday I spent an hour and half opening RAW ORGANIC FRESH ALMONDS that my mother and I picked in the orchard.

Yum + Five

Now have a bag of around 3 and a half pounds of alkaline-calcium-magnesium-delicious-goodness.

Almonds + Carobs = Heaven

Enjoy your day! You only get one at a time so make this one Great!

Want to pick mangos and papayas for breakfast?!!


I'm off to eat live plants and fix bicycles.

May you experience wave after wave of sober ecstasy.

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