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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Organic Bliss Foraging 4

Most days I eat a raw vegan diet.

I have eaten organic cottage cheese in the past few days as well, so if you're into labels calling me a vegetarian may have worked. As I am working towards completely independently procuring my food, I expect that I will be classifiably 100% raw organic.

Gathering my food the past few days feels like the start of something spiritual. Reconnecting myself with the cycles and The Seasons. Seeing the connections of life.

Needles drying dead
Pine nuts under a pine tree
Hungry Life eats death

Death Sustains Life
Few dropped grow under Tree shade
intent plants more seeds

I think it has become time for me to expand my focus here to more than just food. And start getting to soul-food. Discovery of soul and what nourishes it. What my soul intends and what process manifests.

Labels are garbage. Vegan, raw, organic, vegetarian, meatatarian, whatever; I want to eat things that are good for me and not eat things that are not good for me.

It's a joyful learning process.

This is what my blog is about. My joyful learning process.
Since it has come to my attention that it is easy to know when a food is not great for me, a huge part of the process has been simply saying no to factory profit "processed" substances (no longer fit).

Purpose and Intention Trump Description.

Purpose Marches Through.

Food nourishes and sustains my physical body. I enjoy the act of eating.

I intend to increase nourishment.

I intend that my enjoyment increase as well, though without seeking another "taste experience".

It's easy to forget how good a loose waistband feels if we have over-eaten.
How happy I am after/while I relieve my bowels!!!
No I didn't write this post in the bathroom :)

Are you thinking "yeah well keep that to yourself?"

What do you think your food was grown in?

Raw Food Foraging UPDATE:

Found a TON of pine nuts. Had a great time squatting and collecting them. Ate grapes and malva sylvestris and almonds. I think I'll go without purchasing anything for a while now. I'm very excited about seeing myself living this way.


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