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Thursday, August 7, 2008

quick update on dairy and maybe fat

i'm feeling tired now and it doesn't seem sensible as i slept enough
pretty much the only thing i ate today was cottage cheese and i woke up 3 and a half hours ago so I should be energetic.

i;m thinking cottage cheese though tasty is simply not optimal eating.

the next three days will be a vision quest of sorts and I will come back with a little more self knowledge

maybe knowing more about how I don't know.


best wishes

1 comment:

David said...

wow! i'm excited aobut getting visits from new parts of the world! nooorthern canada and india and australia! awesome!

I met someone who'd traveled to a town in northern canada 12 hours north of calgary with 20,000 people up there it sounded awesome someday I may like to live there. boy! i'm excited again about this blog however it is time to turn off and step away from the machine for a bit and see what happens

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