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Thursday, August 7, 2008

quick update

woke up at 4:44 - but with the alarm and awoke a little tired and thirsty
I've been using a ceiling fan and think it might be drying me out. I ate cottage cheese pretty close to bedtime last night and ate 2 more cups of it in the morning with flax seeds and purslane. Tasted quite good, but not exactly energizing. It was an odd eating in that my mind said do not eat it but I felt my body go for it. fortunately right now i don't have any of it in the fridge and aim to eat a low fat diet for the next couple of days

I ate it pretty so-so. tasted good, thoguth about gandhi eating his liter of goat's milk a day...

but in truth i cannot be whole with this. it's packaged in plastic, and doubtful that the cows are treated well. organic only means the feeding's not pesticide it doesn't say anything about the conditions.

the b12 thought had relevance before to eating this as justification to fulfilling Impression of craving. now that i think of it though considering studies proved that eating feces provided b12 this points me to the idea that b12 is produced in the body in intestines or that area and all we need to do is absorb it. sounds good to me.

heaaaaaaaaaalth optimizing!

that's still the only non-vegan thing.

update 7:30am got off work early, feeling great energy now! ready to pick mangoes and cactus fruit, gonna try to go with no fatty foods for the rest of the day. i'm off work tomorrow and saturday so i'll have my full flow for a while

this has been brought to you by pistachios.
Pistachios, taste the rainbow.


David said...

I'm so excited to go run around right now! Life is so ridiculously good! It's amazing! my dreams have been teaching me so much about how hesitant and judgemental i can be and it is so freeing to be able to simply see that. boy my arm pits are stinky! and i forgot to swish with pee to heal my teeth! ha i am nto worried though dentures could be fun if they're made of something nice

time to refine!

David said...

i'm excited to have an empty fridge once again. i'm going to go purchase free, computer free, electricity free for a couple days

purchase free for at least a week although i've been purchasing water - might get some solar distilling action going though!

Google Search !