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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Spreading the OB Word and what I ate today

So I've been posting it up at forums at okcupid and www.giveittomeraw.com. I consider it alchemy in that a lot of my threads start off with a rant and mention sex to get lots of viewers and comments. And then I attempt to be reasonable and learn how to talk to people about healthy eating attitudes who maybe were more on the eat whatever you feel like it's fine to eat fast food and cooked non-organic sugar carcinogens with no nutritive value etcetera...

So this post is rather long so in a couple days it's going to posted at isforbliss.com - it goes into creative visualizations and my explanation of who I am and is something I'm quite happy about because it's a response to energy that had previously been somewhat hostile and eventually turned into what seems like honest communication to me. I'm quite happy about the posts at okcupid, despite the amount of sarcastic responses people saying they're going to eat hamburgers french fries coke and smoke cigarettes in a forum titled "what i'd feed my beloved on a daily basis".

What are the best things for your energy? At some point you have been or may be responsible to feed someone else how will you make this decision knowing that it matters? If WE are matter than what MAKES our matter... Matters!

Actually... I found a reasonable post:

i am an organic raw foodists

i am not philosophically opposed to any type of eating other than eating while have some kind of conscious or subconscious resistance to what you're eating

i eat insects frequently usually not through intention. i am open to eating raw organic organisms, but don't feel they're necessary to my nutrition at this point

cows are vegetarians how would they produce something out of the veggies they eat that i can't produce?

i don't think it's from breaking down the cellulose...

so sorry _______ i'm neither vegan nor vegetarian

today i ate 6 pomegranates, an apple, half a dried apple i found on the ground near the apple tree, a few handfuls of pecans i found, several handfuls of dates i picked, a super ripe medium sized mango i picked so good the peel was entirely yellow and edible so tasty

i gathered a cupe of pine nuts as well but have not cracked any open today

oh and i ate a few carobs i picked

a couple lentils (the only non foraged item listed so far) i'm sprouting but they're not really sprouting succesfully not sure why may be too hot in my room

i might eat some organic pumpkin seeds in a few minutes those aren't foraged and actually might not be raw, i'm not sure how they process them. i don't know how they'd get them out of the shell

i know with some seeds there's some kind of chemical solvent... I didn't really notice the seeds tasting rancid. my mom brought some macadamia nuts a month ago and they tasted pretty non-digest worthy so i didn't eat em

cost of food today - roughly 5 cents - ate 4 or 5 sprouted lentils

i do drink mineral water though because tapwater is fluoridated. i know, plastic bottles might be poisonous as well I read that #s 3,4, and 6 are the bad ones especially 6 and the bottles i have are 1

i'll have a spring and/or reverse osmosis filter soon enough and be set for life!

so total cost of consumption - $.88 cents


oh! just thought I'd mention that I'd like to eat more greens but haven't had much of an urge for them, might not be the best to eat according to intuition, but i'll make sure to eat some nice purslane and wheatgrass tomorrow morning before I visit some family and maybe purchase some food at the organic store near them.

OH! and some friends here want to make pomegranate wine and olives are coming in season so i'm excited to prepare them!

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