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Friday, August 29, 2008


So I mentioned earlier that my armpits had a smell to them that was not going away from washing. To me this means it is coming from the inside. The smell reminds me of the smell my pits had after taking lysergic acid.

Macrobiotics deals with this often - the balance of acid and alkaline. Human blood has a ph of 7.4 - slightly basic. Most body healing happens when the blood is basic - not acidic.
The ph scale goes from 0-14. Milk is a 6.6 - overall acidic.

Minerals such as calcium magnesium and potassium are basic
Lactic ACID Stearic ACID and transsaturated fatty ACIDS are also basic.
JUST KIDDING (go ahead and laugh on command if you didn't spontaneously)

Did you do it?

Did you successfully laugh on command?
It's ok if you didn't make much of a sound, so long as you felt the awesome stomach contractions!

Guess what? You just helped alkalize your system!
Deep breathing is a powerful alkalizer. As is chewing your food thoroughly.
Chewing your food thoroughly not only produces saliva which is an alkalizer but also inspires much better breathing. Try chewing a full mouthful of some raw fruit or vegetable without swallowing before you've reached 150 chews. Putting the conscious attention on chewing and not swallowing may help you re-breathe in the natural breath. What does that even mean? Find out!

ps. you may have noticed my scientific knowledge far incomplete - please tell me what's worth adding in and or research it yourself! There are plenty of articles suggesting this or that but it really comes down to personal experience. Sure you can prove that tomatoes prevent cancer but if you eat them with high fructose corn syrup or are eating too many it may be harmful. it's more important to learn about your individual energy than read what random research says. Especially when there's so much industry funded research!

I'm simplifying here. Went from cooking foods and combining all kinds of spices to simple combinations and now I'm working on mono-mealing and separating time between substances to be able to note subtle effects.

Abundant health and joy to you. true and through you

ingredient: passion fruit
  1. cut passion fruit
  2. scoop out yum yums
  3. pour in cup or bowl
  4. eat/drink it up!!!
  5. passion fruit are super high in atoms especially electron waves and light particles

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