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Friday, September 26, 2008

Teeth Whitening

Victoria Boutenko's Experiences with Tooth and Jaw Healing:

- need more jaw exercising. strengthen face.
- chewing green vegetables and lots of saliva.
- saliva is an alkaline solution

I have noticed what appeared to be improvements in color after chewing wheatgrass. I am chewing and chewing and chewing celery right now. And will be chewing lots of fennel. So excited to whiten my teeth!

Daily Exercises

Drink water

Today must be the perfect day; it is a unique gift in which giver and receiver are not two. My God-Mind-awareness has the opportunity to mold a diamond cutter body into this flesh and blood.

Exercise 1.1 Ad Mire

My awareness of self is but a hologram. Malleable as a cloud.

Perform this exercise:

1. Nude, take a look at the past reflection in the mirror.

I love what I see, even if I hear a voice, "heal me please"
The cry is love and not of sorrow!
Heal me now; I'll feel pleased tomorrow!

2a. Scan your body as you inhale fully.

I love what I see!
Pot bellied potential!
Fat is not excessive; fat is exquisite.
Fat keeps skin smooth and brain functioning beautifully

Fat is a sign of affluent abundant living

2b. Realize that what you see is real.

Ah but what is real is changing,
are not the cliffs real?
while waves after wave erode the core?

2c. Give yourself a vision of what you'd like to see

feel free to dance with denzel washington
or be a runway model.
If you wish to be the first nude astronaut go for it

My imagination has more potential than my logical mind

logic is nothing without intention.
intention is nothing without desire.
nothing is everything without commentary.

Exercise 1.2: Jericho

Today I will move walls.

Perform this exercise:

Make a fist (wrist straight)
Squat a bit and push the wall.
Realizing that you can break through walls.

Open your hands
Place palms onto wall like push-hands
Push up as though you are flipping the building over

Do this for 18 breaths. 18 in hebrew = yud chet = chai = life

Strength = Blood flow = calm = peace

Exercise 1.3: Jacob's Ladder

Jacob wrestled and pinned an Angel, thus Jacob became known as Israel.

I did three sets of Pull-Ups 10, 10, 11 I am going to go hit a 4th and maybe 5th set now

Do as much as you can. The first set should finish with relative ease. Second set struggle on the last pull and third set struggle on last two pulls.

Slow the commentary by counting breaths instead of pulls.
This breath awareness loosens up and gathers enormous Chi. Enormous Chai Power.

Breathing So Blissful It Rises to the Involuntary Thought Pattern Awareness-God-Mind

My soul system shall always be perfect. I intend full perfect integration with the body.
My body is a temple, and like all great temples, eventually must be dis-integrated.

I flew out of nowhere to now here.
I was neither sperm nor egg when they came together
suddenly I inhabited this life form because it felt like a better party than
rocking it all day. being a bee was fun but not challenging enough;
no stress no thinking no goals.

inhales. ah the body feels good and I'm alone, if alone there's no need for me to write "inside jokes"

This is the real one.

1. Get into downward dog
2. Keeping palms planted, run in place
3. Get the knees deep
4. You are to do 100 breaths like this - feel free to breathe as you wish (nothing wrong with fast breathing here)
5. Break up the 100 as you wish - at least 30 on the first try though.
6. In between sets you are to do squatting Chi Gong to scan release spine and re-up the Chai
7. For added motivation realize that you're manifested a super perfect lover below, and She is yelling in ecstasy on the verge of universal ______. The throes of ecstasy that make you realize, "the Catholics are right - contraception is a sin."
8. When finished do 10 star jumps
8a starting from low squat (butt below the knees) and jumping up to explode as the supernova that you are.
8b this was quite difficult I almost fell over
8c take it easy/enough to show - I am breaking down walls

and an easy cool-down with your favorite exercise - dips 100 at your leisure of speed

update: upon finishing written exercises and writing this text I went back to pull up bar for 2 more sets - fourth set 15 3/4 pull - ups
fifth set 10 1/3 pull - ups


Do not worry about over-training muscle groups. More strenuous ungh power training just means more gratifying rest

Computer Time

the exercises listed should be done in the morning. I feel that trusting your energy refines it. I believe that if you sat at the computer and messaged people on youtube all day with your free flow poetry that'd be a fairly nice use of your time. Just add some extra awareness to how your body feels. Get one of those bouncy balls to sit on instead of office chair.

Food Mission

One pound of raw organic vegetable.
Red or Green Cabbage. Chew this thoroughly. No additions whatsoever. At first discipline may taste bitter and sour, but then I realize that it was my bitterness and sourness. Discipline is one of the sweetest beyond five senses tastes. It is an orgasm of order. Even beyond following intuition because there's no thing to follow; it is a statement of here I perfectly am that does not even require the words. They're still nice repeating.

I perfectly am.

Let the cabbage settle. If I think "hmm what would be nice to eat now" then I am not physically hungry. I am unfolding decades of false conditioning.

Feel free to spend time in the produce aisle checking chi.
See what really feels good there.
What feels like it will open up the heart chakra.
Feel free to bicycle to the grocery store multiple times in one day;
this is not unnatural; natural would be to run around in an environment with food coming up out of the earth and picking it when you see it.

PRIMative people spent around 5 hours a day doing all "work" (needs procuring - food, clothes, shelter). The rest of the time spent singing dancing inventing art loving.

Slow the decision making till I realize it is an optimization process not a get thick quick scheme.

Perhaps Subway: Eat Fresh is the best option. Optimize it. Digest it proper. Breathe righter. Massage the stomach. Have grace, say thank you!

Fiber is one of the keys to cutness. Fiber makes sugar absorption timely. Instead of buying fruit juices make smoothies and chew them (as opposed to buying juicer and discarding fiber).

Eat enough calories. A banana has around 100 calories if you want 2000 calories = 20 bananas.
If bananas aren't good enough perhaps season them with sweet and low*

* do not season them with sweet and low

My body tells me when I've had too much. By ceasing the hunger and reminding me the joys of serving my supreme willful imagination.

Thank you so much for helping me create this.

- D

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Notes from a Friend and an update

Got this great letter through my youtube account! www.youtube.com/isforbliss :

"Hey, I got this idea after watching your video when you talked about being dirty. Thought you might be interested in it or maybe give some insight...

Bathing Experiment...
Okay, so I decided this week to do my own little experiment on bathing...well, not so much on bathing as the overuse of soap to cleanse the body. I started thinking how our body produces oils in order to keep our skin and hair healthy and everytime we use soap and shampoo we are basically stripping the oils off our bodies and the body has to work harder to keep producing the natural oils. So I was wondering what would happen if I quit bathing with soap? Here's what I did....

Sunday night I took a really good shower using Dr. Bronner's Organic Mild Soap on both my body and hair. I then combed a small bit of Coconut Oil into my hair to make it a bit more managable. That was teh last time I've used soap this week.

Everymorning I fill a large bowl with warm water and the following:

1 dash rosewater

3 drops coconut oil

3 drops cedarwood essential oil

3 drops sandlewood essential oil

1 drop patchouli essential oil

The I just do a head to toe wipe down with a wash cloth. I used a natural deodorant and that is pretty much it.

At night, even after running, working out, and yoga, all I've been doing is getting into the showing and letting the water rinse off my body. No soap, scrubbing, or anything.


- My skin has cleared up and is not as oily.

- Niether my hair nor my body smells. No B.O.

- My hair is more manageable, less oily, and healthier

So, I plan on showering with soap again on Thursday and then starting the whole process again. Thursday & Sunday showers with soap, the rest of teh week following what I did above.

None of this is based on any kind of scientific research. Just a curiosity that turned out to work good for me.


update from ORganic Bliss: I smell really nice now. I did shower a few times with soap though :( hah):
definitely using less water though. I don't have hot water also so I take showers to clean myself not for fun.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Add More Goodness

Labels are not enough. Raw organic does not mean optimal health; optimal health is a path and appears to me as a path with infinite steps. What's important to me is to learn and realize mistakes so that I can make better decisions and maybe let others know about the effects of certain things had on me because we share genetic makeup.
Some things are obvious like

refined sugar does not yield a good nutrient to calorie ratio. I am not a fan of the energy I get with refined sugar. Yes it was an instant boost and almost as instant fall - to a place below my energetic level before I ate. That's worth noticing if a food seems to result in lowered energy level

heavy meals seem to correlate with heavy energy. Seeds and nuts may be necessary but a meal of them can feel quite heavy, which is why I like to eat them at the end of the day - this also helps me get to bed so that I can wake up ready to run.

The picture is a mature wheat field in Northern Israel.

Presently I'm sprouting wheat. Hopefully in a week I'll have wheatgrass!

To sprout wheat
  1. wash and soak the wheat in water (put in container cover in water)
  2. 8-12 hours later drain the water and wash the wheat
  3. Drain the wheat - put in sprouter or in a collander or something that allows drainage (I put it in a bowl and tilt the bowl with space at the bottom so that it can drain a sprouter would be ideal)
  4. wait 8-12 hours wash drain and maybe eat then if you like
  5. wait 8-12 wash drain eat or... plant and get wheatgrass!

What I've Found So Far

So far here are the ingredients from my foraged kitchen:

Aloe Vera
Cactus Fruit
Cactus Pads
Pine Nuts
Surinam Cherry
Wheat Grass
Zizyphus Spina Christi - Domim

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Fortune has smiled upon me and I am to teach a class of 15-20 students tomorrow for an hour. Thus, they will be given a third of the nutritional training a graduate of medical school has!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Improving Eyesight

My mother taught me a vision trick: that if I put my fingers together to make a small hole and look through it, I can see things clearly. My nearsighted prescription on my glasses is currently around -4 in each eye. At about a foots distance the screen is clear and outside of that quite blurry. My mother told me about an aunt who had pinhole eyeglasses that were made of plastic disks with tons of little holes in them - nice so that you can have your hands free from making a single hole and you don't feel silly with your hands covering your face all the time
I bought a pair of pinhole glasses six months ago and love using them when I'm outside. I noticed my vision was not getting any better using prescription glasses - in fact it simply got worse. I can use pinhole glasses at the computer and can read size 10 font from over 2 feet away. Quite an improvement from being unable to read at more than 1 foot. There's also a marked difference of feeling switching from prescription lenses to pin hole glasses; I feel my eye muscles relaxing. It is also less bright because a lot of light is blocked. It's funny because I feel like using them is a mix of ease and effort - like it takes me some effort to get used to it being easy

Pinhole-Glasses.com is a good resource for learning about simple science of optics and makes you think a little about the nature of standard practices. http://www.pinhole-glasses.com/acquired%20myopia.htm - has several revealing bits of information that point to mis-use of the eyes resulting in poor eyesight. No optometrist or opthalmalogist ever suggested I eat better, perform eye exercises, relax, or shift my focus from something close to something far ever few minutes so I'm thankful for this website.

"All eyes treated with positive lenses became consistently more positive (hyperopic).
Negative lenses produced more negative (myopic) refractions (focal states) in all eyes. "

A cited study shows significant correlation between getting lenses and getting worse vision. Now someone may say well someones vision is simply deteriorating and the glasses are just there to help them while they deteriorate. In a sense having glasses may prevent vision from improving because you think hey problem solved my vision is super sharp now - when in actuality the vision is symptomatic of overly focusing on one area shooting out non sunlight at you. I think it's quite interesting that other than computer and television screens humans almost never stare at one distance for so long. Even when I read books I at least put the book down every few minutes.

Pinhole eyeglasses can potentially prevent desire for prescription lenses - and at less than a tenth of the cost of a checkup and purchase of lenses. Pinhole glasses also work for any eye because they are not bending the light - they only allow direct rays of light.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Food. Water. Insurance

It's common practice to take out car insurance and home insurance and life insurance.

Life insurance! How do we ensure life? By having lots of food and water! (air is nice too!) I recommend purchasing a large supply of non-perishables. Beans and seeds properly stored can last over 1000 years. Yes 1000 years. Beans were found in Masada (a desert fortress in Israel) that were planted and they sprouted!

If you could afford to buy a great portion of food right now why not do it?


Pomegrantes + Mung Bean Sprouts

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

raw Wrap Recipe!

Raw Wrap Recipe

  • Kelp - wild atlantic Kombu (thanks John for sending this to me!)
  • Sprouted Garbanzo (just 24 hour - more might make them tastier I felt like eating :)
  • Mung Bean Sprouts (fully sprouted - crunchy watery)
  • Cactus fruit

Super Simple. I recommend adding tomato, avocado, and spicy pepper. (ingredients i didn't have)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Up! !! ! !!

I weighed myself the day before yesterday - 60kilograms! 132 pounds!
Quite a nice weight for 5'8''!

I am working on increasing my muscular strength now.

Recently I did a set of 16 Pull-Ups! That's a lot for me!

I'm going to be harvesting olives and aloe and maybe even acorns soon!

check out this awesome site http://primitiveways.com/ !

So much real information!

What new awesomeness are you discovering?!!?!?!?!?

Saturday, September 6, 2008

How to Positive Change

Inspirational Forum - Positive change with raw diet

Found new food! Grape leaves! More trees and sources of food appear daily!

RAWr Salad Recipe

Raw vegan foraged delicious salad recipe

7 Pine Nuts
Juice of half lemon
2 cactus fruit

The ingredients were refrigerated. Makes it extra nice on this hot day.
The sourness of the lemon and purslane balance the sweetness of the grapes and cactus fruit.
Purslane is quite juicy already and adding cactus fruit and grapes make it BUHWOW.

An oil free recipe.
A bit of fatty from purslane, grapes, and pine nuts. (grapes have seeds) and (purslane is rich in omega 3)

Friday, September 5, 2008

BEST INFO Mono Meals, Raw Recipes, and How to Breathe

How to Realize Your Ultimate RECIPE RAW CHEF POWER

Just got a great little breathing guide - before you read this, I recommend setting your intention to making new more healthful habits:


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Prickly Pear RAW RECIPE

Today I picked a whole lot of prickly pears. Pounds. And Got a third backpack of pecans. Loads of grapes. Ate cactus pad. I ought to eat more greens. Tomorrow morning after cactus fruit breakfast I'll eat a bunch of purslane. I'm glad I write this blog to keep track of my health and remember to eat right-er.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tips from Juliano's Kitchen

I went to his restaurant around a year ago. SOoo goOD.

I'm reading rawfoodexplained awesome stuff

Cheap Raw Recipes

Today's Recipe - Pumpkin Seeds, Dates, and Thistle Flowers = Delicious like milk and honey

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Great News!

I eat perfect portions
I eat perfect portions
I chew thoroughly
I eat mindfully
I love myself
I love my body
I love breathing
I love having a loose stomach
I eat perfect portions
I eat slowly mindfully
I love my food
I eat perfect portions of super nutritious foods
I only eat to feed my body
I am so happy and food can only help build my body
I love breathing
I eat perfect portions and chew thoroughly mindfully lovingly
I have so much room to grow!

Monday, September 1, 2008


I am going for a nice 24 hour water fast. Unless my body starts yelling EAT! EAT! EAT!!!!

Otherwise I'm clearing up the channel!

I have found a fantastic learning source

Raw Food Explained!

I will be taking notes folks!

From the linked site:

Life Science concerns itself with those principles and truths applicable to human life so that we may observe and avail ourselves of them. We are of the firm conviction that only by scientific living can we realize the loftiest joys and the destiny which is our birthright.

Animals in nature are creatures of instinct. Following the guidance of instinct, they are correctly self-directed to meet their needs. Thus they thrive optimally in accord with their environmental possibilities. Inborn guidance is, in effect, Life Science or a science of life for nature's creatures.

Humans have infinitely more potential for happiness and goodness than nature's simpler forms of life. We are endowed with immeasurably more sophisticated faculties.

These superior endowments can keep us in a state of euphoria during a long life.

Very excited to start structured learning!

Special thanks to Jon R. for sending me an awesome food package. I will soon tell you of the power of spirulina when added to a foraged raw diet!

Have a great day! All it takes may be remembering that you may do so! It's up to you!

Goals of the Day

Re-Member Dreams - check
Write them down - check
Meditate - check
Yoga Exercise - check (more to do!)
Write Blogpost - checking
Eat a super alkalizing diet (mostly greens!) - ate Purslane so far gonna get wheatgrass soon
And ALOE!!!

Chew thoroughly and be thoroughly present.

Only Presently can you Receive and Give Presents

Which reminds of me of my next blog post - Affirming Abundance through Generosity - I've been fortunate enough to be able to provide people with Organic Raw Food Sustenance it is so energizing and confidence building!

Thank U!

I write "U" because it means Universe not simply "you" like an "other"

Peace! Wonderful Energy!

Exercise of the Day = INVISIBLE CHAIR SQUATS
1.Squat as if you're sitting - except there's no chair to support you
2.Trying to get as close to right angles as possible
3.Allow your torso to stretch and arms to balance you

4. Enjoy

Accomplish Things:
Post new videos on youtube.com/isforbliss
Write out plans for www.globalheal.us
Post new content at www.globalheal.us

Google Search !