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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Add More Goodness

Labels are not enough. Raw organic does not mean optimal health; optimal health is a path and appears to me as a path with infinite steps. What's important to me is to learn and realize mistakes so that I can make better decisions and maybe let others know about the effects of certain things had on me because we share genetic makeup.
Some things are obvious like

refined sugar does not yield a good nutrient to calorie ratio. I am not a fan of the energy I get with refined sugar. Yes it was an instant boost and almost as instant fall - to a place below my energetic level before I ate. That's worth noticing if a food seems to result in lowered energy level

heavy meals seem to correlate with heavy energy. Seeds and nuts may be necessary but a meal of them can feel quite heavy, which is why I like to eat them at the end of the day - this also helps me get to bed so that I can wake up ready to run.

The picture is a mature wheat field in Northern Israel.

Presently I'm sprouting wheat. Hopefully in a week I'll have wheatgrass!

To sprout wheat
  1. wash and soak the wheat in water (put in container cover in water)
  2. 8-12 hours later drain the water and wash the wheat
  3. Drain the wheat - put in sprouter or in a collander or something that allows drainage (I put it in a bowl and tilt the bowl with space at the bottom so that it can drain a sprouter would be ideal)
  4. wait 8-12 hours wash drain and maybe eat then if you like
  5. wait 8-12 wash drain eat or... plant and get wheatgrass!

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