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Friday, September 26, 2008

Daily Exercises

Drink water

Today must be the perfect day; it is a unique gift in which giver and receiver are not two. My God-Mind-awareness has the opportunity to mold a diamond cutter body into this flesh and blood.

Exercise 1.1 Ad Mire

My awareness of self is but a hologram. Malleable as a cloud.

Perform this exercise:

1. Nude, take a look at the past reflection in the mirror.

I love what I see, even if I hear a voice, "heal me please"
The cry is love and not of sorrow!
Heal me now; I'll feel pleased tomorrow!

2a. Scan your body as you inhale fully.

I love what I see!
Pot bellied potential!
Fat is not excessive; fat is exquisite.
Fat keeps skin smooth and brain functioning beautifully

Fat is a sign of affluent abundant living

2b. Realize that what you see is real.

Ah but what is real is changing,
are not the cliffs real?
while waves after wave erode the core?

2c. Give yourself a vision of what you'd like to see

feel free to dance with denzel washington
or be a runway model.
If you wish to be the first nude astronaut go for it

My imagination has more potential than my logical mind

logic is nothing without intention.
intention is nothing without desire.
nothing is everything without commentary.

Exercise 1.2: Jericho

Today I will move walls.

Perform this exercise:

Make a fist (wrist straight)
Squat a bit and push the wall.
Realizing that you can break through walls.

Open your hands
Place palms onto wall like push-hands
Push up as though you are flipping the building over

Do this for 18 breaths. 18 in hebrew = yud chet = chai = life

Strength = Blood flow = calm = peace

Exercise 1.3: Jacob's Ladder

Jacob wrestled and pinned an Angel, thus Jacob became known as Israel.

I did three sets of Pull-Ups 10, 10, 11 I am going to go hit a 4th and maybe 5th set now

Do as much as you can. The first set should finish with relative ease. Second set struggle on the last pull and third set struggle on last two pulls.

Slow the commentary by counting breaths instead of pulls.
This breath awareness loosens up and gathers enormous Chi. Enormous Chai Power.

Breathing So Blissful It Rises to the Involuntary Thought Pattern Awareness-God-Mind

My soul system shall always be perfect. I intend full perfect integration with the body.
My body is a temple, and like all great temples, eventually must be dis-integrated.

I flew out of nowhere to now here.
I was neither sperm nor egg when they came together
suddenly I inhabited this life form because it felt like a better party than
rocking it all day. being a bee was fun but not challenging enough;
no stress no thinking no goals.

inhales. ah the body feels good and I'm alone, if alone there's no need for me to write "inside jokes"

This is the real one.

1. Get into downward dog
2. Keeping palms planted, run in place
3. Get the knees deep
4. You are to do 100 breaths like this - feel free to breathe as you wish (nothing wrong with fast breathing here)
5. Break up the 100 as you wish - at least 30 on the first try though.
6. In between sets you are to do squatting Chi Gong to scan release spine and re-up the Chai
7. For added motivation realize that you're manifested a super perfect lover below, and She is yelling in ecstasy on the verge of universal ______. The throes of ecstasy that make you realize, "the Catholics are right - contraception is a sin."
8. When finished do 10 star jumps
8a starting from low squat (butt below the knees) and jumping up to explode as the supernova that you are.
8b this was quite difficult I almost fell over
8c take it easy/enough to show - I am breaking down walls

and an easy cool-down with your favorite exercise - dips 100 at your leisure of speed

update: upon finishing written exercises and writing this text I went back to pull up bar for 2 more sets - fourth set 15 3/4 pull - ups
fifth set 10 1/3 pull - ups


Do not worry about over-training muscle groups. More strenuous ungh power training just means more gratifying rest

Computer Time

the exercises listed should be done in the morning. I feel that trusting your energy refines it. I believe that if you sat at the computer and messaged people on youtube all day with your free flow poetry that'd be a fairly nice use of your time. Just add some extra awareness to how your body feels. Get one of those bouncy balls to sit on instead of office chair.

Food Mission

One pound of raw organic vegetable.
Red or Green Cabbage. Chew this thoroughly. No additions whatsoever. At first discipline may taste bitter and sour, but then I realize that it was my bitterness and sourness. Discipline is one of the sweetest beyond five senses tastes. It is an orgasm of order. Even beyond following intuition because there's no thing to follow; it is a statement of here I perfectly am that does not even require the words. They're still nice repeating.

I perfectly am.

Let the cabbage settle. If I think "hmm what would be nice to eat now" then I am not physically hungry. I am unfolding decades of false conditioning.

Feel free to spend time in the produce aisle checking chi.
See what really feels good there.
What feels like it will open up the heart chakra.
Feel free to bicycle to the grocery store multiple times in one day;
this is not unnatural; natural would be to run around in an environment with food coming up out of the earth and picking it when you see it.

PRIMative people spent around 5 hours a day doing all "work" (needs procuring - food, clothes, shelter). The rest of the time spent singing dancing inventing art loving.

Slow the decision making till I realize it is an optimization process not a get thick quick scheme.

Perhaps Subway: Eat Fresh is the best option. Optimize it. Digest it proper. Breathe righter. Massage the stomach. Have grace, say thank you!

Fiber is one of the keys to cutness. Fiber makes sugar absorption timely. Instead of buying fruit juices make smoothies and chew them (as opposed to buying juicer and discarding fiber).

Eat enough calories. A banana has around 100 calories if you want 2000 calories = 20 bananas.
If bananas aren't good enough perhaps season them with sweet and low*

* do not season them with sweet and low

My body tells me when I've had too much. By ceasing the hunger and reminding me the joys of serving my supreme willful imagination.

Thank you so much for helping me create this.

- D

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