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Monday, September 1, 2008

Goals of the Day

Re-Member Dreams - check
Write them down - check
Meditate - check
Yoga Exercise - check (more to do!)
Write Blogpost - checking
Eat a super alkalizing diet (mostly greens!) - ate Purslane so far gonna get wheatgrass soon
And ALOE!!!

Chew thoroughly and be thoroughly present.

Only Presently can you Receive and Give Presents

Which reminds of me of my next blog post - Affirming Abundance through Generosity - I've been fortunate enough to be able to provide people with Organic Raw Food Sustenance it is so energizing and confidence building!

Thank U!

I write "U" because it means Universe not simply "you" like an "other"

Peace! Wonderful Energy!

Exercise of the Day = INVISIBLE CHAIR SQUATS
1.Squat as if you're sitting - except there's no chair to support you
2.Trying to get as close to right angles as possible
3.Allow your torso to stretch and arms to balance you

4. Enjoy

Accomplish Things:
Post new videos on youtube.com/isforbliss
Write out plans for www.globalheal.us
Post new content at www.globalheal.us

Google Search !