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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Improving Eyesight

My mother taught me a vision trick: that if I put my fingers together to make a small hole and look through it, I can see things clearly. My nearsighted prescription on my glasses is currently around -4 in each eye. At about a foots distance the screen is clear and outside of that quite blurry. My mother told me about an aunt who had pinhole eyeglasses that were made of plastic disks with tons of little holes in them - nice so that you can have your hands free from making a single hole and you don't feel silly with your hands covering your face all the time
I bought a pair of pinhole glasses six months ago and love using them when I'm outside. I noticed my vision was not getting any better using prescription glasses - in fact it simply got worse. I can use pinhole glasses at the computer and can read size 10 font from over 2 feet away. Quite an improvement from being unable to read at more than 1 foot. There's also a marked difference of feeling switching from prescription lenses to pin hole glasses; I feel my eye muscles relaxing. It is also less bright because a lot of light is blocked. It's funny because I feel like using them is a mix of ease and effort - like it takes me some effort to get used to it being easy

Pinhole-Glasses.com is a good resource for learning about simple science of optics and makes you think a little about the nature of standard practices. http://www.pinhole-glasses.com/acquired%20myopia.htm - has several revealing bits of information that point to mis-use of the eyes resulting in poor eyesight. No optometrist or opthalmalogist ever suggested I eat better, perform eye exercises, relax, or shift my focus from something close to something far ever few minutes so I'm thankful for this website.

"All eyes treated with positive lenses became consistently more positive (hyperopic).
Negative lenses produced more negative (myopic) refractions (focal states) in all eyes. "

A cited study shows significant correlation between getting lenses and getting worse vision. Now someone may say well someones vision is simply deteriorating and the glasses are just there to help them while they deteriorate. In a sense having glasses may prevent vision from improving because you think hey problem solved my vision is super sharp now - when in actuality the vision is symptomatic of overly focusing on one area shooting out non sunlight at you. I think it's quite interesting that other than computer and television screens humans almost never stare at one distance for so long. Even when I read books I at least put the book down every few minutes.

Pinhole eyeglasses can potentially prevent desire for prescription lenses - and at less than a tenth of the cost of a checkup and purchase of lenses. Pinhole glasses also work for any eye because they are not bending the light - they only allow direct rays of light.


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