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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Notes from a Friend and an update

Got this great letter through my youtube account! www.youtube.com/isforbliss :

"Hey, I got this idea after watching your video when you talked about being dirty. Thought you might be interested in it or maybe give some insight...

Bathing Experiment...
Okay, so I decided this week to do my own little experiment on bathing...well, not so much on bathing as the overuse of soap to cleanse the body. I started thinking how our body produces oils in order to keep our skin and hair healthy and everytime we use soap and shampoo we are basically stripping the oils off our bodies and the body has to work harder to keep producing the natural oils. So I was wondering what would happen if I quit bathing with soap? Here's what I did....

Sunday night I took a really good shower using Dr. Bronner's Organic Mild Soap on both my body and hair. I then combed a small bit of Coconut Oil into my hair to make it a bit more managable. That was teh last time I've used soap this week.

Everymorning I fill a large bowl with warm water and the following:

1 dash rosewater

3 drops coconut oil

3 drops cedarwood essential oil

3 drops sandlewood essential oil

1 drop patchouli essential oil

The I just do a head to toe wipe down with a wash cloth. I used a natural deodorant and that is pretty much it.

At night, even after running, working out, and yoga, all I've been doing is getting into the showing and letting the water rinse off my body. No soap, scrubbing, or anything.


- My skin has cleared up and is not as oily.

- Niether my hair nor my body smells. No B.O.

- My hair is more manageable, less oily, and healthier

So, I plan on showering with soap again on Thursday and then starting the whole process again. Thursday & Sunday showers with soap, the rest of teh week following what I did above.

None of this is based on any kind of scientific research. Just a curiosity that turned out to work good for me.


update from ORganic Bliss: I smell really nice now. I did shower a few times with soap though :( hah):
definitely using less water though. I don't have hot water also so I take showers to clean myself not for fun.

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