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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sustainable Freedom!

Three Awesome Options to Free Up Your Life!


To Learn and Play and Live!




Meet great people, eat great food, and help out!!!!!!

I put this on repeat 3 times and danced to it. Wow my body feels good. Dancing is the second best exercise ever.

Still fridgeless and feeling great.
Fall is here! Finally I can wear hoodies and warm up! YAY!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Daily Video!

Hello All! I am working on getting a daily video out to you!

Can't Make Chicken Salad out of Chicken Shit!

Such a great lecture!

Paul Chek is my new health hero.

"We gotta start pumpin our money where it means something!" - Chek after mentioning his millionaire clients who pay $1200 a month for vitamins and then eat fast food from Burger King.

This is such an important point. We have to shift our awareness to the realization of health being a much greater wealth and fundamentally a much better experience than all these distractions of fancy clothes and cars and disposable knick knacks and unhealthy snacks.

WOW. INSPIRING. I have so much work to do. Thank you Paul

William A. Albrecht is a story he pointed me to that is quite interesting. It's a big one as well, if you don't "get it" yet.

Sacrificing or Sanctifying

I noticed that some people seem to think that living an environmentally sound life means sacrificing "wants".

It's the opposite!!! By living more environmentally sound, I save money! I focus my energy to cover my needs as simply as possible, which frees up my time and crystallizes my energy!

I am not "restricting" myself to healthy foods; I am attracting the healthiest foods possible! I am not "restricting" myself to drinking fluoride and lead free water; I am attracting clean water! I am increasing my health and strength so that I can easily handle all the toxins we may go through every day! This is an important part of life! This isn't about some hippy avoiding chemicals and thinking there's nothing in nature to handle; stress is the biggest killer in my opinion and that can come no matter what you eat. What I think about matters! These words are real! I love you!
Love love love love love! that is fun to say! I love having fun! I love silence! I love flowing with creative forces that feel great and have a positive impact on the world!

feel free to add your thoughts and affirmations - every day I will place affirmations here to amplify!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Another beautiful day!
Thanks to Ezra (which can also mean help in Hebrew) I had a beautiful breakfast of Pommelo and Mandarin oranges.

My coaching is expanding!

For a recent prospective client I manifested a great technique to take charge and cut down on mental chatter!
Talking Out Loud!
The next time you feel chatter, make it sound and feel how it resonates in your body. Notice your facial expressions as you say the words. Notice that you have direct control over your cheek muscles, of your inner eye muscles (just learned about that, soo relaxing!), you have control over whether your chin is pointed in or up or straight - all these elements make direct changes in your entire experience.

Daily Video comes from Paul Chek

55%-75% of the calories in food may be used in running the digestive system. Wow. Study the facts.

Daily Foods: Pecans, Walnuts, Purslane, Figs, Pommelos, Mandarins,

Monday, October 20, 2008

Living Life 500%

If I am really to do something, I can give it my all. My entire focus of consciousness on the task. Boom Mental Silence. The question arises What Am I Doing Here. Have you ever begun a painting or drawing and started to realize that you are determining where it goes? You are determining how good it will be? You will determine when you call it finished? How deep do you want to get into it? Realizing that every brush of the brush can be brushed over. So called mistakes are training, are texture, give the painting 3-dimensions and make it clear it is real. When I look at art, I am not looking for a photograph - even though there's a lot to photography. When I think of it I can see wait, how can a picture be mundane? How can I look at the books on my desk and not see and feel powerfully palpable meaning?

What does a discarded Coca-Cola can say?
It says I am alive, well, and breathing.
It says color it says air. It says this perception is more than the object

So what does this say about living 500%?

Well what does it mean to say I know what eating an apple is like?

Please give this question some thought and if you like it, share in the comments!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Rhythm

Good morning!
I've been happily awake since 3:00 AM!
Meditated did some intuitive movements for around an hour and a half
took a walk and found some PERSIMMONS

Continuing my work on my upcoming BOOK!

I am pleased with my progress in writing and with my coaching work; what a great way to earn a living!

I am now available on skype for coaching. I am not coaching as a nutritionist but rather in terms I call coaching "life scripting"

Three Primary Functions:
  • dream interpretation
  • alignment with purpose
  • maintaining 500% positivity (will post on this tomorrow)
Contact me at David Dot Hestrin At Gmail Dot Com for Details

GREEN UPDATES: Today is another full week without using any hot water, heating device, or refrigerator! I also planted mung, sesame, wheat, and flax. AND I started a legitimate compost pile!

Food of the Week? Fresh Picked MANDARIN ORANGES

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Recession and Collapse: Maintaining Bliss

Ah, a recession and a total collapse of the dollar. How many times have we heard that one? If the collapse happens, I bet all the water will stop flowing from the rivers and the rain will stop falling. The sun won't shine anymore either and plants will no longer grow. Without these plants we will all day in a matter of weeks (days actually because there will be no water).

Actually, the rain will continue to fall and the sun will shine, and the soil might not be depleted our saturated with toxic pesticides (I call it ORGANIC bliss for a reason).

To me this is just a friendly reminder to those seeking "security" or "stability" that it would be wise to be connected to their food source and have an ample supply of food and water at all times.

Given that you may have a large surplus of money, why not translate that surplus into food? Did you know that Azuki bean will last longer than 5 years? Most beans and seeds can store easily for two years! Their nutritional value does not diminish and they can be either sprouted or planted!

If you plant the seed you begin to have a recurring food source that costs you little more than water - or possibly no water at all if you live in an area with ample rain!

Even Squirrels Save for Winter

What's the point of the cash surplus you keep in the bank? It's for just in case what happens?

What if the price of food increases? The price of food has begun to increase! Of course I have no interest in fearmongering and actually hope and believe that the price of food will go down over the years.

If price of food goes up, it's probably a good investment of the $100 of food. A weekly grocery bill might be that already! So why not buy 100 pounds of non-perishable food that can also be grown? You already have life insurance and health insurance... what about food insurance? If you saw that you can feed yourself and family for months without purchasing anything, the meaning of "economic collapse" would not be as strong. If you are worried about runs at the grocery store and so forth, stock up on organic seeds and beans.

You can also develop relationship with local farmers at CSA - Community Supported Agriculture.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Relaxing Vision Improvement w/Bates Method

Check out how thick this guys glasses were!

This following video put me in a meditative state - guess where!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Worth the Time.

"The medical people didn't drop the ball, they just never had the ball"

"Running a mile burns roughly 50 calories of fat... a pound of fat has 3500 calories..." If you've got an extra pound of fat, you've got energy for 70 miles

When you eat a peach, by the time you're on second half, the glucose and fructose are in your blood stream.

Air gets in bloodstream fastest

I recommend not consuming things that cause thirst... "why consume things that require an antidote!"

People can go 367 days on just water!


The line about salt water is good point!


Monday, October 13, 2008

Thoughts, Experiences

Unripe mango hurt the teeth and do not taste as good.


There's always something more to learn and do! ! !!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


The Refrigerator has been disconnected. UNPLUGGED.

I do not own any appliances.

I have one cup to my name. And it's excessive.

It's time for renewal.

Google Search !