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Monday, October 20, 2008

Living Life 500%

If I am really to do something, I can give it my all. My entire focus of consciousness on the task. Boom Mental Silence. The question arises What Am I Doing Here. Have you ever begun a painting or drawing and started to realize that you are determining where it goes? You are determining how good it will be? You will determine when you call it finished? How deep do you want to get into it? Realizing that every brush of the brush can be brushed over. So called mistakes are training, are texture, give the painting 3-dimensions and make it clear it is real. When I look at art, I am not looking for a photograph - even though there's a lot to photography. When I think of it I can see wait, how can a picture be mundane? How can I look at the books on my desk and not see and feel powerfully palpable meaning?

What does a discarded Coca-Cola can say?
It says I am alive, well, and breathing.
It says color it says air. It says this perception is more than the object

So what does this say about living 500%?

Well what does it mean to say I know what eating an apple is like?

Please give this question some thought and if you like it, share in the comments!

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