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Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Rhythm

Good morning!
I've been happily awake since 3:00 AM!
Meditated did some intuitive movements for around an hour and a half
took a walk and found some PERSIMMONS

Continuing my work on my upcoming BOOK!

I am pleased with my progress in writing and with my coaching work; what a great way to earn a living!

I am now available on skype for coaching. I am not coaching as a nutritionist but rather in terms I call coaching "life scripting"

Three Primary Functions:
  • dream interpretation
  • alignment with purpose
  • maintaining 500% positivity (will post on this tomorrow)
Contact me at David Dot Hestrin At Gmail Dot Com for Details

GREEN UPDATES: Today is another full week without using any hot water, heating device, or refrigerator! I also planted mung, sesame, wheat, and flax. AND I started a legitimate compost pile!

Food of the Week? Fresh Picked MANDARIN ORANGES

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