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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Recession and Collapse: Maintaining Bliss

Ah, a recession and a total collapse of the dollar. How many times have we heard that one? If the collapse happens, I bet all the water will stop flowing from the rivers and the rain will stop falling. The sun won't shine anymore either and plants will no longer grow. Without these plants we will all day in a matter of weeks (days actually because there will be no water).

Actually, the rain will continue to fall and the sun will shine, and the soil might not be depleted our saturated with toxic pesticides (I call it ORGANIC bliss for a reason).

To me this is just a friendly reminder to those seeking "security" or "stability" that it would be wise to be connected to their food source and have an ample supply of food and water at all times.

Given that you may have a large surplus of money, why not translate that surplus into food? Did you know that Azuki bean will last longer than 5 years? Most beans and seeds can store easily for two years! Their nutritional value does not diminish and they can be either sprouted or planted!

If you plant the seed you begin to have a recurring food source that costs you little more than water - or possibly no water at all if you live in an area with ample rain!

Even Squirrels Save for Winter

What's the point of the cash surplus you keep in the bank? It's for just in case what happens?

What if the price of food increases? The price of food has begun to increase! Of course I have no interest in fearmongering and actually hope and believe that the price of food will go down over the years.

If price of food goes up, it's probably a good investment of the $100 of food. A weekly grocery bill might be that already! So why not buy 100 pounds of non-perishable food that can also be grown? You already have life insurance and health insurance... what about food insurance? If you saw that you can feed yourself and family for months without purchasing anything, the meaning of "economic collapse" would not be as strong. If you are worried about runs at the grocery store and so forth, stock up on organic seeds and beans.

You can also develop relationship with local farmers at CSA - Community Supported Agriculture.

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