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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sacrificing or Sanctifying

I noticed that some people seem to think that living an environmentally sound life means sacrificing "wants".

It's the opposite!!! By living more environmentally sound, I save money! I focus my energy to cover my needs as simply as possible, which frees up my time and crystallizes my energy!

I am not "restricting" myself to healthy foods; I am attracting the healthiest foods possible! I am not "restricting" myself to drinking fluoride and lead free water; I am attracting clean water! I am increasing my health and strength so that I can easily handle all the toxins we may go through every day! This is an important part of life! This isn't about some hippy avoiding chemicals and thinking there's nothing in nature to handle; stress is the biggest killer in my opinion and that can come no matter what you eat. What I think about matters! These words are real! I love you!
Love love love love love! that is fun to say! I love having fun! I love silence! I love flowing with creative forces that feel great and have a positive impact on the world!

feel free to add your thoughts and affirmations - every day I will place affirmations here to amplify!

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