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Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Another beautiful day!
Thanks to Ezra (which can also mean help in Hebrew) I had a beautiful breakfast of Pommelo and Mandarin oranges.

My coaching is expanding!

For a recent prospective client I manifested a great technique to take charge and cut down on mental chatter!
Talking Out Loud!
The next time you feel chatter, make it sound and feel how it resonates in your body. Notice your facial expressions as you say the words. Notice that you have direct control over your cheek muscles, of your inner eye muscles (just learned about that, soo relaxing!), you have control over whether your chin is pointed in or up or straight - all these elements make direct changes in your entire experience.

Daily Video comes from Paul Chek

55%-75% of the calories in food may be used in running the digestive system. Wow. Study the facts.

Daily Foods: Pecans, Walnuts, Purslane, Figs, Pommelos, Mandarins,

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