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Friday, November 14, 2008

Training 6.

Words from DurianRider:

"I've eaten NO SALT for over a year, what has happened to me?

thats right no salt, seaweed, braggs, or any other condiment that contains salt. ive gotten all my sodium needs from my fruits and veg. im living in tropical countries where its so hot and sweaty that people dont exercise in the middle of the day, yet im out there whatever the temp and sweat'n like a champ and not cramping.

a few days ago i just wanted to make sure, so i did a 27km run in 37celcius(98.6farenheit) and direct sun! i did a big loop that had only a few hundred metres of shade. the rest was just highway and glare filled sandy track. i got home and had a shower and went straight back on on the farm to pick melons, basil and snake beans.

i felt amazing. i know how to hydrate and look after my body's electrolyte needs. and its not with fancy cyber sports drinks or dehydrated seawater..lol! its with sufficient consumption of fruits and veg.

i can handle the heat now when it used to break me down. now, no day is too hot for me if i have enough water.

so for anyone desiring to ditch the salt addiction once and for all, go head and step up to new found levels in your life.."

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