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Friday, November 7, 2008

Training Bliss (example)

Here is a sample of Bliss Training:


stretching and balanced - stretch quadriceps while standing on one foot and practice balancing

run run run run run.

Grouch Marx walk (walking trying to maintain a knee bent at right angle

mix dancing with running

Remember you are dancing when you walk today (i feel you already know this though)

Visualize the Power

Unleash the Black Power

The Will of Emptiness

I found a sweet tactic for mindfulness, when a thought comes up I ask myself "why" and within 2 or three thoughts i get to MAKE EM SAY UNHHH

imperishables. get a fat stock of imperishables. it'd be good to try to figure out supplies for a week and make sure it's solid to help you with ideas for backpacking and to cut down on the grocery store visits.

sprouts are ancient power storage
apples store long

plant a sprout. if you have some plastic bottles cut em and cut holes in them for drainage scoop up some dirt and prepare to be amazed

place an unsprouted seed next to the growing plant to remind yourself of the unseen (thanks to Rudolf Steiner)

Computer Mission
when using the mouse, engage the left hand and mirror the right hand movement - while meditating for an hour today i noticed that my right side is pulled out more than the left most likely due to mousing.
add an intention before using the computer
i noticed my reflection in the computer and wish to remind myself how much this is an appendage of myself power power will power assert intention above present moment feelings

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