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Monday, November 3, 2008

Words of Wisdom from Yogi-Dennis

Continuing work at the Sun Family Organic Farm here in Northern Israel
YUM. Nice work. Organic food! Yes yesy yeseyeysee! RIDICULOUS CORN

I am eating a raw sweet potato it is delicious.

From a friend:

Something I wrote on my myspace blog I wanted you to read and maybe get your thoughts on....

To my brothers and sisters who are on a spiritual path and have read the Upanishads, I am on that path with you.

To my brothers and sisters who are on a spiritual path and have not read the Upanishads, I would ask you to.

To my brothers and sisters who are lost and wandering this world searching for answers, I beg you to read the Upanishads.

I've been reading the Upanishads and this is some things that have come to mind....

The last couple of days I’ve come to realize, or remember, the fruitlessness of searching the world for the satisfying of our desires. It cannot be done. There is nothing in this world that can satisfy our desires. If there was such a thing, then one day we would no longer need to eat nor drink. Our desire for food and water would be satisfied. Yet our desire for food and drink is never satiated and is with us to our dying day. Rarely are we satisfied with the food we have and we long for better, more flavorful food. We over indulge and waste food yet will turn down a different street to avoid our brother who lives on the food we waste.

We would one day have no need for money. Our desire for money would be satisfied. We would have all we need to live and be happy and money would no longer have any use for us. However, we spend our lives working for money, mistaking the “want” of more money as a “need” for more money. Those who have $1 work harder and strive for $10; sometimes sacrificing happiness and peace to obtain it. Those who have $10 work harder and strive for $100. Those who have $100 desire $1000. Those who have $1000 desire $10,000. Those who have $10,000 desire $100,000. Those who have $100,000 desire $1,000,000. What good would that money do you on your death bed? “You can’t take it with you.”

We would no longer need to be loved or to love anyone for our desire for love would be satisfied. The love I am talking about is the conditional love that dominates this world. We spend our lives looking for someone to love, yet refuse to love ourselves. We search the world over for someone to say to us “I love you”, yet we can’t look in the mirror and say “I love you” to our selves. When we do find love, we impose conditions on that love and when conditions are not met, we again feel sorrow and suffering. Our happiness becomes dependent on another person and when they leave, our happiness leaves with them. We search for someone to complete our lives rather than compliment our lives. We waste so much time searching for this conditional love until one day, either through conscious actions or through death, we are alone once again.

So lose your attachment to food and drink. As the Buddha stated, eat and drink according to your bodies needs, not too little and not too much. Do not over indulge. Remember that one mans loaf of bread is another man’s feast.

Lose your attachment to money. Be thankful that you have the financial means that you do and adapt your life to what you have rather than living outside those means. Once you accept your financial situation, you will see the blessings come pouring in on you and you will never want for anything.

Lose your attachment to conditional love. Instead cultivate unconditional love for all beings on earth. When you do so, you will have that same unconditional love returned to you and never feel loneliness or sorrow again.

I’m in this struggle with you, my brothers and sisters. I’ve realized my own attachments to these things, and many more. When you realize and accept these attachments that bring about sorrow and suffering it becomes easier to release the hold they have on you and you will finally know peace.



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