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Thursday, December 18, 2008


I have work today! and I get to eat yummy organic food. that is great. I did yoga last night and did a headstand (with wall support). I will admit i was a little concerned about how I'd get down :) I came down fine and look forward to spending hours upside like that. It really puts things in perspective as to what is up and down and so forth.

In other news the past few days I have not eaten very much. Mostly oats and raisin. I ate too much of a variety yesterday to really say how my body reacts to the specifics... but I had quite a bit of gas (I had no vegetables yesterday).

Right now I'm eating plain oats in warm water.

I just had a thought about grains - grains are seeds. From what I know about most seeds, nature has a way of protecting them until they sprout. So I don't think that principle is different when it comes to oats. So I think it would be wisest to sprout them or eat something else.

an added note: I will be taking a break from the blog. Peace to you. I will return. Refined.

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