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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Best Ansswer

from HealthNut:

Option D. The universe is intended to be the Big-Guy-in-the-sky's love letter and parable to mankind. It is excruciatingly beautiful, sublimely mysterious, and joy-provoking. With each sunset, daffodil opening, horse neighing, our little souls get a tri-folded note written in purple and blue ink placed in our locker during 3rd period. *giddy squeal* Inside it, he's written the lyrics to "Let's Get it On." However, within it- this creation, this universe-there are still hints and tastes that reflect that the world is still not perfect. It is not finished. There is brokenness that is present: [insert brokenness hear]. And while it cannot rule (unless we let it), the brokenness is still present. But, everyday, another love letter (or a thousand love letters) get dropped into our soul's locker as if to say that someday, it will be done. Everything is being made new.

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