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Thursday, March 5, 2009

I will eat anything. (Guest Post by Dogson)

Enjoy This Guest Post By Dogson:

Meat, veggies, cooked, raw--I will eat anything. Whether it's fried, crispy, grilled, putrified, fermented, dusky, I believe that the plates in front of me are manifested for a reason. In other words, there are no gratuitous gestures. There is a reason why I choose to eat the items in the area where I occupy space. Fussing and fretting about choices divides the mind and causes far more damage than trace amounts of fluoride, formaldehyde, gluten, carcinogens, plaster of Paris, arsenic, mercury, lead, or lost shards of the Hope Diamond.

Speaking of the Hope Diamond: that is our mind. When we eat, the only necessary change is to observe our mind. I grew up eating dinner in front of the TV with my family. In truth, this was one of the only "tribal" experiences I shared with my parents, and to this day when I eat a meal in my house, I feel a strong desire to watch something. Putting on a DVD with a plate of food in front of me still feels exciting because of those associations.

The point is, I notice that. When I'm eating a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie, I notice if I scarf the entire item at once, or if I take my time, tearing off little bits and savoring them. Digestion is another process which many people are too busy to observe. Fortunately, I am a vagabond and a tramp by nature. I spend a lot of time laying around. So I have been blessed with the space to experience digestion. A submarine sandwich with meat will put me to sleep in a half hour. A veggie sub will give me a stomach ache, unless I try it without the bread. Now we're just talking about how much mayo and cheese are in there. If it's a little bit, no problem.

Fried food, too, tastes great. I'll experiment from time to time. My last foray was a bit of battered codfish for dinner. The dish was delicious. The following morning, however, I woke up aching all over. Even parts of my forearms felt bruised. Many people, including reputable figures in the Raw Foods movement, would claim that my cells have simply become "Cleaner" and therefore eating fried food is more damaging. I disagree. I believe that fried foods, and foods heavy in empty calories, have always been rough on my system. As a child it was almost impossible for my parents to get me up for school. Although I disliked school (I was picked on for being fat) it wasn't so horrible that I willed myself to sleep. My body simply wasn't finished rebuilding the damage my diet caused.

So, I'll eat anything. I haven't sworn off any type of food. I don't bore people by describing what kind of eater I am. Rather than calling myself a vegetarian, a pescatarian, a raw foodist or a vegan I simply offer my insights into how food effects my life. I make sure not to criticize a particular food if someone is currently eating it. I believe that our attitude towards food is more important than the food itself. I am extremely careful about sharing information, which again I feel is relative depending on attitude. And I continue to experiment with certain foods. I think this is the only way to discover what the proper diet is for each individual.

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