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Friday, March 6, 2009

"Organic" "Bliss"

The best way to live is to investigate everything.

These two words-- "organic" and "bliss" -- what do they mean?

They involve desire.

As I sat down at the computer, I took off my rings. Then I unclipped my fountain pen from my pants. Then I removed my wristwatch. All these things felt like encumbering bits of ego.

What does "organic" mean? And especially, what about "bliss?"
All these words revolve around the mechanics of desire. We WANT something. The definition of suffering is wanting something that you are not getting.

Do we pursue this idea of impeccable diet in pursuit of an ideal we have not yet achieved?
I think it's important to examine the influences that have created our ideals and our goals.
How do those goals differ from our existence as it is at this very moment?

Seriously. Is your experience in this very moment driven by desires and ideals? Or is it something else?

I want to mention a word now, which is going to bring up a lot of other ideas. That word is "meditation."

To this Author, "meditation" means examining the experience of this very moment. Unravelling the desire and the driven impetus which so often colors the day.

Meditation means to exist beyond desire.
I suggest it.

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