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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Extrasfrom Troy Casey Interview

David: What does abundance mean to you?
Troy: Being able to do what I want when I want.

David: What does sustainability mean to you?
Troy: Having Planet Earth to play on and Swim in FOREVER! I love wild water! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpoaiDrLMjY

David: How are you integrating the two?
Troy: The Amazon, I believe, is THE critical component to our species survival, I get paid preserving it and by helping others do the same. The Amazon Herb Co. is the quintessential business for creating a sustainable Planet and financial freedom for my family.

David: What is it like working with the Amazon Herb Company?
Troy: Being an Amazon Ambassador is dream come true; a company with integrity purity and efficacy as itʼs primary tenets,“Amazon John” at the helm, something the Cousteau Society calls THE answer for saving the Rain Forest, products that have the highest concentrated source of nutrition on Earth. Sharing the business, I get to talk to people about lifestyle, “owning their life” and financial freedom; watch my videos, Mrs. Health Nut and I travel all over the world with health nut jr., http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DofpUULJak4 it costs money to travel and when you are away from work you are not making money. With the Amazon Herb Co. I make money whether I am in the Andes, Hawaii, New York or the Amazon. This is a teaching business not selling as many confuse it with. We teach people the fundamentals of Network Marketing from the ground up so they have a solid foundation to teach to others.

David: What herbs do you use?
Troy: I eat Massive herbage: Suma, Muira Puama, Chuchuhuasi for muscle tone and energy in the POWER SHAKE, 100% Pure Camu for mental clarity, mood balance, Vit. C, antioxidants: I use Marine Fucus/Klamath Blue green algae in our Aquazon formula for trace minerals, thyroid support and stem cell regeneration. For Environmental toxins and immune system I use: Una de Gato, Chanca Piedra, Sangre de Drago in Fiberzon for my intestinal tract, and in Treasure Tea for my liver, kidneys and blood:Boldo, Jurabeba, Chocolate, the complete Lluvia All Natural Skin Care.....our whole line really!

David: What sort of health changes have you found through use of these herbs?

Troy: Increased energy, mental clarity, balance and harmony to my endocrine system exhibited as lean muscle mass without lifting weights, increased libido, regeneration, rejuvenation, a new level of life experience so much so that after years of meditating I was guided to stop because of the clarity I felt I no longer needed it. It makes sense when you get into the biochemistry; strong genetic codes come from biodiversity, the Amazon is the most bio-diverse place on Earth. Wild is the top of the food chain for power, grown in virgin soil so your body has available the complete mineral matrix, including Gold and Platinum, in a BALANCE for conductivity subsequently giving and receiving information with more ease resulting in deeper relaxation.

David: What are others saying about Amazonian herbs?

Troy: Everyone loves the herbs! “I have never felt so clear” is the #1 statement I hear. Everyone has incredible stories! ,

My fellow Amazon Ambassador, Nick Mastripietro was on Lexapro for depression, and after one month on Pure Camu he does not need drugs!

My friend Don, in Miami, whoʼs dad took Graviola and a Health Pak for a few months before scheduled brain tumor surgery, cancelled it after the doctors could not find the tumor.

As an Explorer CEO, “Amazon John”, contracted Hep. B from rocky mountain spotted fever and had a near death experience only to be revived by an ancient shamanic blend of botanicals we
now use in our Treasure Tea, the impetus for the company 18 years ago. Or me, who had genital herpes all my adult life and havenʼt had an outbreak in 3 years since our Pure Camu came out. There is massive documentation and R&D (Research and Development) on these plants by big pharma trying to make them into drugs. 42% of all drugs get their footprint in the Amazon but obviously drugs create toxic side effects, wild food grade herbs do not as they have the co-factors intact to balance and harmonize the energy.

David: How would you introduce the products of the Amazon Herb Company to someone who
claims they do not like fruits or vegetables?

Troy: Easy, we have Tea, Chocolate and Liquizon technology! (super concentrated liquid capsules of raw herbs). Most people are curious to know what Iʼm ”on” because my wife, baby and I have so much energy and vitality.The Amazon Herb Co. is beyond just healthy products, our Mission & Vision of empowering indigenous tribes and preserving the Rain Forest is easy to share in this day and age, people are thirsty for green products and companies. Amazon Herbs can be new to the average person so I like to build relationships of trust and educate my fellow brethren to the best of my abilities on the value of the Rain Forest, health and wild super foods. Then they can feel confident making intelligent, informed, empowered choices for their future and the future of our species. If they do not get it instantly they will eventually. Otherwise they can absorb it sub-consciously from the Certified Health Nut.

Where can readers find more information about AHC and your tv program?
http://amazonherbsite.com , http://www.youtube.com/user/certifiedhealthnut , http://

From the clip I saw on youtube it looks pretty edgy!

taking the consciousness of man to the edge and tickle ʻem silly.....so necessary to lighten us up.

David: I've heard people say things like not to "take health too far"... Is there such a thing as being too healthy?

Troy:Not if you want to have sex when you're 75. Not if you're living in the United States of America today. As evolving animals we need energy, vitality and clarity. Health is our birthright as well as a choice. What is too healthy if 67% of the American people are obese? Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, stroke and death from properly prescribed drugs are at epidemic proportions?

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