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Saturday, August 29, 2009

A letter to a self-healer

Hey Alex

I appreciate your channel. The cure I'm referring to is relaxation that permanently releases the tension to allow free focused movement. I'm offering a service to youtubers where I will consult them if they are willing to post video related to the service because I am making healing my profession. The way a consultation would go is that I have a number of techniques that I have developed that work for me that I can share and I can act as a vision improvement trainer. This is my story:

I had glasses for twelve years (I'm 24 now) with at the highest a -3.75 prescription. Around a year ago, I stopped wearing them altogether having read about vision improvement from Self Healing My Life and Vision by Meir Schneider.

Even though this meant that sometimes I'd walk down the street without recognizing friends at a distance and that I couldn't really see the subtle eye communication that we constantly make in conversation. Actually it was quite freeing to not see the eyes so clearly in conversation because I felt more free to speak without having visual input that I might react to and confuse what I am saying. Anyhow, I noticed some subtle changes in the first few months especially with regards to my posture and computer use. When I would sit up properly - especially helpful was using the Alexander Technique - I could see the screen well enough to use the computer effectively. I also used pinhole eyeglasses which are a very useful tool to demonstrate that the eyes and retina is receiving the light - the right information - in a way that can be used without lenses. I would later learn that the fovea centralis, center of the retina, contained the largest concentration of cones making it the only real place in the eye which provides clear focused images. The relevance of this is that it makes it fairly obvious,if thought about, that keeping the eyes in motion are the best way to have a dynamic view of the environment I'm in. Even without the facts of the fovea, it is clear that looking to the left and to the right from time to time gives a more complete picture of the environment. I also began to notice that staring attributes a great deal of obstructing strain on my eyes - it just doesn't feel good to hold my eyes in place for so long! Anyhow, without spending much time at all doing eye exercises or anything like that, I would notice from time to time having a clear flash - a brief moment where I could see something far away with a vividness greater than I could with my glasses (which were over-corrected anyway giving me 20/15 vision). I still did not do too much with regards to keeping an eye chart around me to chart my progress or make sure to palm everyday - although I did meditate and do some form of relaxation nearly every day. Palming is like a meditation posture where the palms are placed over the eyes and the elbows are propped up at right angles and either seated in a way to let the spine lengthen and widen appropriately (palming can also be done laying down). I also advocate palming without propping as a mixed form of physical exercise and relaxation - to investigate how to keep the palms resting gently over the eyes with as little energy used as possible. I had begun writing interviews for naturalnews.com and had an interview with a natural vision teacher coming up who had improved his vision from -12 in one eye and -14 in the other! That day before the interview I palmed for the first time. I had a spontaneous memory of school in sixth grade. It was later that day that I realized that sixth grade was when I first began to wear glasses. Since then I have had several nightmares come up of teachers and events from that school that I hadn't thought about for many years. Anyhow, I continued to have more clear flashes and noticing a slight difference in my eyesight in the morning than at night. I also became acutely aware of how much tension was in my neck and shoulders and back and in my inner eye muscles. Having now experienced how free eye muscles can feel, it is very obvious to me when I must relax. I confronted a number of my fears and learned how to harness nervous energy and recirculate it to empower me and this released great deals of tension in the lower back. I experimented with walking with my eyes closed and even running the park with my eyes closed. These experiments demonstrated to myself trust, and when I'd open my eyes the clarity was astounding - though many times short lived because as soon as I'd get that clarity I'd want to hold on to it - so I'd be literally holding on to my eyes in that spot which was essentially staring - which is exactly what obstructs vision in the first place! One of the most beneficial experiences was a two week trip to the country, where my computer use was limited to the isolated hour every few days at the town library. It helped that the environment was beautiful, I was surrounded by friends, and felt productive and able to put my body to good work. It's worth mentioning that months before I had realized that I must learn how to move my body in a way that energizes me and not drags me along while holding myself back or fighting to move forward while holding myself back - which seemed like the only thing I could do so long as my neck was too far forward and my rear too far back and the subsequent S curve of the spine that didn't help either. By the time I got back from the trip I was ready to get a new prescription because I certainly did not want to drive with my -3.75 glasses as they'd give me headaches. Which reminds me of one of the ways I initially knew for sure that my glasses were too strong is that I'd get headaches wearing them in the first couple months of having them off. Dr. Bates found that many of his patients vision improved when they lost their glasses - which inspired the beginning of his studies which lead to so much else. I went to the opthalmalogist and for some reason began to get nervous in the room. The opthalmalogist had me do several tests - the worst of which is meant to check eye pressure and they do it by having a machine that you put your eye in front of that shoots a puff of air directly into your eye after making a sudden beep sound. Very uncomfortable. Then, when checking for what diopters to correct my vision, the opthalmalogist put the lens shifting machine in a way that I could not sit properly. I had already known very directly that even a slight impropriety in my posture contorted my vision. Perhaps this will change as I progress, but for now if I were to lean forward toward the screen without maintaining my spinal integrity my vision would instantly lose some of it's clarity. After saying this I notice the tendency I have had with computers to try to see the whole screen clearly at once, which I now feel is a misuse of my eyes and a cause of strain. Either way, I left the opthalmalogist with a new prescription of -2.25 even though I felt that this was still far too strong because I knew that my vision was not as vibrant as it normally would be when I was not "being tested" with shots of air in my eyes and an uncomfortable machine that did not allow me to sit up properly and furthermore does not allow the eyes or neck to move and to see through the lenses. As soon as I got the written proof that my vision had improved so much (6 steps), my vision maintained a level of clarity that before was felt to be intermittent. Lately, even as I write this message the clarity of my vision has been going in and out as I notice myself staring for brief periods of time and keeping my eyes on this screen so much. I feel that improper computer use plays a great role in obstructing vision. What I see directly from my experience is that relaxed aligned movement equals clear sight and any stress or strain contorts vision.

Fun Fact: All the cells in the cornea are replaced every two days.

I would like to mention that 10% is very significant! 10% weight loss is huge! 10% monetary gains! 10% reduced fat ice cream cones! ;)

These are the interviews I did with Greg Marsh who has a great resource visionimprovementcenter.com

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Better Earth INstitute

All right folks you heard it first. BEI is beginning to roll out. IF you have relevant info to post there let me know!

Friday, August 7, 2009

from Paul Chek

What habits or obsessions do you have that are interfering with your pursuit of happiness?

Are they a repeated attempt to meet some need, with the expectation that somehow, this time, your needs will truly be met?

How long are you going to wait before you start dealing with them?

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