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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day Two 100% 80-10-10

So today is the second day of eating 100% organic raw vegan food. Today I ate roughly 5 kilos of watermelon, 7 bananas, 10 ounces of raspberries, 5 ounces of strawberries, a couple ounces of figs, and I will eat a bunch of raw veggies later.

I have not yet read Doug's book, but I have seen his videos and respect his work.

He has a website Foodnsport.com and a good community online of 8-1-1 people is arawconnection.ning.com . The idea of 80-10-10 as I understand it is to eat roughly 80 percent carb, 10 percent fat, and 10 percent protein and get most of the calories from fruit and a little bit from vegetables and leafy greens.

Today has been very nice with regards to feeling clarity especially digestively speaking. It has ben my experience that eating just raw organic fruits and vegetables is the easiest for me to digest and does not seem to interfere with any processes. It is like just drinking water or something. It was quite expensive today. I spent around $30 on food that I've already eaten most of. Well actually I guess I have another 15 bananas or so. That's quite a bit of calories. I can pick most of my greens locally.

I am making it a habit to at least eat one local fresh growing plant food per day!

The raw local things I will eat are:kale, lettuce,and whatever else I feel like in the garden!

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