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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Eye Healing and Experience of Raw Diet

These are the words of a friend from India I met throughGi2mr, who experienced a huge improvement with her eyesight by eating raw foods.

"The 1st miracle raw created in me was making me throw away my eye glasses. my eye power had been fluctuating since i was 12 years old. at 21 i had a severe eye infection that strained a nerve very badlyin one of my eyes. after 3 months of 100% raw (save for the tea i was having at times) i just no longer needed my eye glasses and on a check-up my nerve prob was just gone.plain gone. i havent had any really massive physical changes on raw so far. been on for nearly 2 years now. but the eye cure thing was a miracle. i really didnt even notice that it was a problem because it was so long with me. so there was no question of consciously healing it. all i remember was that i was craving and gorging upon massive amounts of raw orange fruits and veggies. juicing carrots like it was going out of fashion. i no longer craved carrot after my eyes healed completely. now my vision is fantastic!!! i am not even 100% raw on certain days but i enjoy and love my food. my eye cure was just amazing to me however!"

In other news from me, David, I have noticed that I am eating less food than I'd expect myself normally to be eating. I read a bit about Polar Bears living over their fat, kind of interesting! I wish to be eating more greens and more living foods again. And of course chewing super thoroughly and mindfully. It's funny but in the past I simply forgot how wonderful life was when appreciated in its simplicity. I have license to simply experience eating without watching a movie, talking to others, anything! I can just sit and eat and it is a whole-istic health and happy experience!

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