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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Eyesight Improvement 4: Letter 4

Thank You. May God bless you as well.

It is not uncommon for people to feel fear or lack of hearing or other symptoms when removing the glasses. It is my understanding though that those feelings are already there and that the glasses and tension serve to block the awareness from feeling these feelings.

In my experience of healing which took over a year and continues everyday. I found myself crying on several occasions without knowing why. I woke up crying one day and a few days later found myself VERY empathic I cried watching The Karate Kid and a Kung Fu show simply because the situations seemed to show persecution or pain and fear.

I now would get headaches by putting on my glasses. If you have an opportunity to be alone in nature or can be home alone that would be good because you may want to cry and it wuold be good to be able to truly cry and wail or scream if that's what your body feels like doing.

Know that you are showing yourself deeper acceptance and love than ever before and have faith in God that God wants you to see God.

If you can affirm your desire to see God and to learn from whatever obstructs you that will provide so much healing. Please feel your body in this moment and continue to feel it as you continue to embark on your clearing and healing. feel a clam excitement for clearing and realigning of your energy.

Let yourself feel your peaceful faith in God growing and glowing in white light from up High through the core of your being.

Breathe and pray in gratitude to God and know that your body has so much wisdom to share with you all the time.

I pray right now for God to give me the clarity to enable as much of God's work on Earth as possible. Please may it be so..

Let your growing relationship with God's light inform and align your body and let any tension or stress or dis-ease strengthen your spiritual resolve to be with God here on Earth.

Thank You

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