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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Getting up early

I want to sleep when the sun is down and rise when the sun is up. This is important for my health as well as wealth. Over a lifetime I would be spending a lot of money using electricity because it is dark and furthermore waking up in the morning and getting sun is far more productive than staying up late and constantly messing up a sleep schedule instead of being consistent. The body likes to get in rhythms and according to chinese medicine each organs and systems have specific times when they like to be most active.

The more we stick to natural light, the healthier we will be in my opinion. Have you noticed how annoying being woken up by artificial lighting is, but the sun nearly always feels great?

I also enjoy ceasing food consumption several hours before bed. This gives me a great sense of clarity and breathing when I go to bed and gives me much better dreams and lets me wake up refreshed.

There are many more implications of making this type of change. Can you think of a solid reason why not having this type of sleep schedule and doing or not doing what it takes to get that going?

It helps that I have a loving girlfriend who supports this decision and has a work schedule that makes sense for this - I remember the days when I didn't feel I had the love and would stay up late with some vague hopes attempts to find love. These are important issues to pay attention to as "environmentalists" or whatever we call ourselves. What are our deepest needs and desires? How can we BEST fulfill them? It is in that second question that we will find ecological solutions if we go deep. How much of our consumption and behavior stems from a mental state other than unconditional love?

What would it take for you to feel unconditional love AS your presence exactly now?

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