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Friday, September 4, 2009

Green Networking

Eco-networking and green networking are incredibly rich

places to work in. Since the workers in eco and green

business and entrepreneurship have a fundamental interest

in the world at large improving, they are much more friendly

and have best wishes for each others success. A business or

non-profit that truly works to the stabilization of global

climate or providing clean water access for all makes it very

clear that it is the goal and love that are important and not

the specific people, power structures, ego games, who gets

which piece of the pie etc... From my experience it seems

clear who is in it for personal profit and who not quite

easily. However, I believe that our best profits and most

secure wealth have to do with the overall global health - so

there's really no getting away from it - which may be why all

the companies that used to sell junk food have moved

heavily into organics. Obviously profit motivated groups are

going to do what it takes to make a profit if that means

falsifying organic certifications that may happen, but from

where I am they are just scrambling for the last pieces of

the pie before people rise up in abundance and self

sustainability and say bye bye to any one they were

contributing to that does not align with their deep interests.


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