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Sunday, September 6, 2009


Sophia and I conducted a session of holodynamics based on the instructions at Ryan Vandenburgh's site. We had a lot of fun together transforming body images and dissolving blocks to feeling our full potential and freedom in/with our bodies.

It is a fantastic site containing many examples of the transformations that happen with holodynes.

According to Ryan's site a holodyne is
" * A complex of information, a small internal program that runs your reality
* An understanding you consult to make decisions
* A data set that influences your world view
* The DNA of our character (or "spiritual" DNA)"

He conducted a free session with me and within minutes I was laughing to the point of tears and my vision improved. That was yesterday. He conducted a two hour session with me and was willing to keep going even though he felt it might take many more hours due to the size of the holodyne we were working with. My back filled out and I feel much better and intend to do much more work with this tool. It filled me with so many beautiful images and transformed a lot of ugliness inside me that I hadn't seen so directly.

Example: I see myself as this disgusting crusty beast with coke bottle thick glasses this transforms into the beast me running out of my college dorm and into the canyon where I evolve rapidly into a dashingly powerful modern handsome strong cave-man.

Check out his blog!

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