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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to Start the Day

So the research is fairly consistent and so is the "common sense" - be awake when the sun's out and asleep when it's down - this roughly correlates to sleeping from 9pm to 5am - 8 hours. I expect to be sleeping eight hours or less every night, so why not sleep from 9pm - 5am? This way we can save money spent on lighting and have a very natural feel of rhythm. It feels so good to wake up just before the sun comes out, like sharing some kind of sacred ritual with the primary provider of heat and energy to the planet. Biologically there are numerous benefits to waking up and getting to the sun. This also shifts your sense of purpose in awakening. If I was to wake up fifteen minutes before an appointment, as I've done so many times before it would feel like upon waking I am enslaved to my appointments, whereas when I wake up well before anything I can orient my time directly to what is most important and to set the tone. Therefor I wake up and meditate and do yoga and expand my internal love and gratitude.

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