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Thursday, September 3, 2009

More thoughts on Raw Food

Here are more thoughts on Raw food from Ryan V.

"I would more or less agree with Paul, though 95% seems a bit high to me in terms of digestive capacity. I do meet a lot of people though that say they can't do it in terms of digestion, and since I've been there to some degree, particularly when I first started I agree. Here is my take, it is much like a fire. What fuel is best? Newspaper or logs? Well, if all you have is a little spark, the newspaper. But if you have a good fire going, a log is going to give you a lot more bang. It has more substance. Same with raw food. Raw has more, but you've got to be able to access it. It is locked up to some degree. That's why a gradual shift is good, understanding the benefits and having positive beliefs about it (so your body will put out the effort to get something from it), and eating foods that are easy to digest, such as fruits, juices, fermented foods, etc. If you are going to do raw things like cabbage or carrots or lettuce, combine acidic things like apple cider vinegar or lemon to help break them down . . . even salt can help. Or add digestive stimulants to the foods like cayenne, ginger, cinnamon, etc. . . ."

He is referring to the interview I did with Paul Chek - not yet fully available to the public but here is the referenced bit -

David Hestrin: What are you thoughts and experience with the raw food diet are you familiar with Doug Graham's work?

Paul Chek: I'm not familiar with Doug Graham, but I'm very familiar with the raw food diet and the raw food diet is a very good idea in concept. The problem is that very few people on the planet today are healthy enough to embark on a raw food diet because to use a raw food diet you have to have excellent digestive capacity. I would say 95% of human beings, by the time they reach 30 years of age on this planet, have severely disabled digestive systems. They're terribly enzyme depleted. They're depleted of hydrochloric acid because they've eaten so much food that is deficient in enzymes, and therefor deficient in life and they've had to use their own biological resources to convert dead food into human tissue. So when somebody like that steps into a raw food diet, typically what happens it creates more health problems when they cannot break the food down because without at least without basic processing they can't liberate a lot of the nutrition from the food. So today working into a raw food diet slowly using a combination of raw foods and cooked foods is a much much safer alternative if somebody wants to make a conversion. They are some people that can handle it. but believe me I've had a lot of people get into trouble on a raw food diet.

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