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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Self-Interest is Green

I personally feel that it would be better if I could clean my dishes faster or not even use dishes so that I wouldn't have to clean them. Why should I spend my time earning money to buy soap I don't need nor want to even smell? Wouldn't it be better if I never smelled bad and didn't feel the want to shower? The less time I spend showering, the more time I have for other activities. I do enjoy showering, and I've even enjoyed eating all the junk food I've eaten in my life, but when I think about from what I consider to be my higher-interest - I see quite clearly I do not want to give up long term gains for short-term divertissements. When it comes to food, I feel sensitive to the point where the losses are very direct. If I were to smoke marijuana, my head would likely start to go in over-drive and I would get thirsty and tired, sure for a minute or two I might feel inspired but as my experience has shown the insights reached mostly would not be integrated. As I plan my financial future, I feel like the most important thing financially is to be able to eat and drink and live safe and be able to share and provide that for my family.

Is there a better investment than planting a seed that grows locally without need for human watering? Is there a better investment than protecting the environment that grows food? Is there a better investment than a well? Is there a better investment than land ownership?

When someone compares buying a house and land and wells and garden and animal space, perhaps they can say that their $100,000 investment will not triple, but if we look into it we can see that this is by far one of the most dynamic investments possible, and definitively the most stable.

Stick around, we will get very tangible with this topic.

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