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Sunday, October 25, 2009

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It would be such a shame to live a short life in pain.
Please relax. You'll be doing a service to all by doing so.
How can you be peaceful without being relaxed?
How can you truly enjoy life without being relaxed?
Are you ready to discover a deeper quality of relaxation throughout your life?

Contact David.Hestrin@Gmail.Com (650)265-1776
Imagine your new beginning in a calm, alert, and vividly vibrant life.
Your body can't wait for the day it is used properly.
Your body can't wait for the night it can finally deeply rest.
Wouldn't everything change for the better if you discovered your deepening calm?

If you've read this far you indubitably realize that this is much more than your prescription;
this is about how you perceive the world. I remember feeling so awkward wearing glasses.
I remember being handicapped in sports and feeling bewildered without my visual crutches,
not to mention my complete ignorance of how harmful my posture and body language were
to my total well being! To wear glasses is to be in a constant state of strain - end of story.
I have looked far and wide for the example of an individual with proper posture and body
use and am yet to discover even one individual with a relaxed body and poor vision - think about it
If you want the help of someone who's overcome nearsightedness, cylinder, and astigmatism.
You know what to do.
: )

                          To fully succeed you must fully relax.

Mental strain of any kind always produces a conscious or unconscious eyestrain and if the strain takes the form of an effort to see,
an error of refraction is always produced.

William H Bates, MD, Perfect Sight Without Glasses, page 109

Is your love-life producing blessings or stress?
Is your work producing stress or blessings?
Can you say no to people?
Do you feel yourself holding yourself back in social situations?
Are you uncomfortable being alone with yourself (no tv, computer, book, etc...)?
Do you have a long list of reasons why you don't feel good?
Do you have a long list of reasons why you shouldn't feel good?
Do you have a long list of conditions necessary for you to feel good?

Wouldn't it feel good to learn how to process stress into relaxation?

Contact me (650)265-1776 David.Hestrin@Gmail.com

It has been demonstrated in thousands of cases that all abnormal action of the external muscles of the eyeball is accompanied by a strain or effort to see, and that with the relief of this strain the action of the muscles becomes normal and all errors of refraction disappear.
William H Bates, MD, Perfect Sight Without Glasses, page 89

I improved my eyesight from -3.75 to 20/20

My name is David S. Hestrin and I learned the principles of natural eyesight improvement and learned
how to relax my body.  I was prescribed glasses at the age of 12 and had glasses for twelve years until
learning about the Bates Method, getting teachers, and applying the principles of relaxation into my life.
It was hard...
until I realized that it was truly about ease and relaxation and that I found myself completely relaxed!
I had the good fortune to interview Greg Marsh CNVT - a man that healed his eyesight from a -14 prescription!
Watch his video to learn more. Or read the interview I conducted with him:

The act of seeing is passive.  Things are seen, just as they are felt, or
heard, or tasted, without effort or volition on the part of the subject.
When sight is perfect the letters on the test card are waiting,
perfectly black and perfectly distinct, to be recognized.

William H Bates, MD, Perfect Sight Without Glasses

If you don't notice improvements the session is free.

I know that what I say next might be bad for business, but here goes - my research that has not been verified by the FDA shows a 100% rate of success in individuals who FULLY RELAX. These findings imply that if you fully relax, then you will regain your natural eyesight completely.

Notice how your eyes feel now. How does it feel to move them around?
If you are fully relaxed it will feel great. If you are fully relaxed like me, your body feels great all day and all night! In fact, your body feels better each and every day!

It's not too good to be true! Just ask any disciplined yogi, tai chi master, or meditator! If it wasn't bringing deeper and deeper levels of peace and joy to their DIRECT EXPERIENCE - they wouldn't do it!

David S. Hestrin NVT (650)265-1776
David.Hestrin@Gmail.Com RELAXATION


How to live an active relaxed life.
How to turn stressing into blessing.
How to take your glasses off and keep them off,

                 As you relax and improve your vision naturally!

Want to read a sales pitch? Keep reading! Or just schedule today!

Are glasses a pain in the neck? Tired of dry eyes wearing contacts?
Not yet convinced that you should shoot lasers at your corneas?

Maybe there's another way. A way that can actually IMPROVE eyesight!

                                              Think About It!

Since getting glasses, has your vision improved or has it gotten worse?

It is a mistake to believe that even though the glasses do no good they cannot do harm.  Glasses keep up the strain.  A person wearing glasses for myopia has to strain all the time in order to make the eyeball elongated sufficiently to fit the glasses.
William H Bates, MD, Better Eyesight magazine, September 1922

    Imagine yourself completely relaxed

The 20th century ophthalmologist William H. Bates M.D. pioneered

a natural approach to improving your eyesight.

What was this doctor's key to vision improvement?      Relaxation!

The ways in which people strain to see are infinite, and the
methods used to relieve the strain must be almost equally varied. 
Whatever the method that brings most relief, however,
the end is always the same, namely relaxation.

William H Bates, MD, Perfect Sight Without Glasses, page 101

                          Could it be that simple?   
                                              Consider the words of the man that healed thousands!
When one's mind is under a strain one unconsciously tightens the muscles which encircle the eyeball, and consequently squeeze it out of shape and out of focus.  
But when the mind is at rest these muscles are relaxed and the eyeball is allowed to assume its proper shape and focus.

William H Bates, MD, Better Eyesight magazine, May 1923
Are you ready to relax?
Remember what Dr. Bates said?
The end is always the same... relaxation.
I can help you relax.
I can help you uncover your natural capacity for calm.
I can help you re-train your body and mind to replace stressing with blessing.
Contact Me David S. Hestrin NVT (650)265-1776
$77 - 55 minutes
Most of my patients always do better when they have someone with perfect sight to encourage them by their example or advice.
William H Bates, MD, Better Eyesight magazine, July 1922


Here is some text I wrote at some point.

If you have been carrying tension it is quite possible your conscious mind has not determined to become fully aware of the nature of your pain. I have my clients play a game called "name your pain." The function of this is to allow their conscious minds to extend their awareness space. Many people if they are asked to point to where they feel their presence point to their heads, others to their hearts, others just open their arms wide and feel all as their presence. If the body has been crying in pain and the conscious mind or sub-conscious mind at some point has determined to ignore or suppress these messages, it is likely (if not necessary) that the conscious mind will no longer inhabit those tense and painful areas. Since the tense and painful areas are dynamic and not simply a piece of real estate, the denying mind creates a larger cloud of pain than actually exists. In order to deny the pain, the body must create a buffer zone of numbness. In order to create the numb zone, the body avoids free movement and deep breathing. What do you think avoiding deep breathing and free movement does to your body?  So if the conscious mind finds itself attending to shoulder pain, does it have the stamina to resolve it? Does the conscious mind first realize that the pain is self-caused and that through one of a multitude of methods that pain could disappear as the energy going into its creation is simply returned to flow properly throughout the bioenergetic system?

If you have ever noticed tense use of a body you see that certain areas of muscle appear hard. It is common for nearsighted people to move around as if their shoulders were a snare drum.

What requires more energy - constantly contracting a muscle, or allowing the muscle to be loose until contraction is useful?

It is an obvious question with an obvious answer and it is important that the conscious mind allows this understanding to settle deep into the being of the body. Deep understanding that it is preferable for your body to allow muscular relaxation must wash over all tension. Olympic weight lifters know this. Olympic weight lifters know to exert only the amount of energy necessary for their task. If you have ever picked up a milk jug expecting it to be full and it is empty

Upon understanding this, the conscious mind AND the unconscious mind can begin to allow relaxation of tension on the basis of recirculating the unnecessarily expended energy. This is an important pattern to rework because of the previous patterns that resulted in tension for so long.

The previous pattern is of the conscious mind inadvertantly being alerted to pain and reacting to it by further resistance or avoidance - because at both a conscious and unconscious level the mind has judged awareness of pain to be a negative stimulus instead of the energetic gold mine that it is.

This same principle can be applied to proper eating habits. A person notices that on a daily basis 10% of their caloric intake*(cola) does not serve nutritive purposes. If the person approaches this from a judging perspective this can cause further pain. Even though a person can end up making a shift in eating pattern, their core perspective is not yet healed. When the core perspective sees healing everywhere, the person can be considered healed.

 Naming your pain allows your complete body to speak with you. Please note and feel out that language "speak with you;" there is something discordant about this because the body is you. Now I don't wish to discuss the idea that we as individuals are in fact many and form some kind of consensus consciousness, but please feel this idea of being many - the idea that your leg is not you but speaks with you and is one of you speaking for you. Naming your pain extends positive consciousness throughout the body. A body in denial of pain - which is the linear time case in 100% of clients - once a person names all their pains a transformation must happen because the communication has been returned. Do you want a clear line of communication with your shoulders regardless of how painful it might be? Remember I am asking about a CLEAR line of communication. This may sound extreme but I see implications on global policy and strong symbolism between the internal state and external state. We can avoid communicating from our aching back - we don't want to listen, we don't want to hear! However, what would happen if we listened? We'd understand that the back wants less and not more! The back doesn't want more energy from us - it wants less! The tensions are only existing when energy is directed there to maintain the constant improper muscular tension. It is really that simple. So if it is that simple how come the shoulders are tense? To me, naming the pain is simple and fun like meeting a new friend in a pick-up game of basketball - we will be team-mates for the afternoon and perhaps never see each other again in the same form. Naming your pain

All right let's do this

3 breaths set and feel positive general intentions for this session to be mentally clear physically healthy spiritually wealthy and generous
and expand our clarity as to where we are how we feel our bio-energetics let's take another 3 breaths to fortify our awareness of how dynamic our healing is

what i'd like us to do is allow a creation of the clearest notion of health and well being we can possibly imagine in fact i'd like us to imagine that we can imagine more than we can possibly imagine - do you have a direct positive experience with the notion of imagining more than you can possibly imagine? gooood

okay now that we're so clear about our bodies and spirits healthy functioning now that we are so clear

something exciting/relaxing maybe with music
if there could be music that starts automatically that is really calming maybe - and with an easily seen thing to turn off the music

"relax, breathe, and feel your muscle tension melting and discover yourself improving your eyesight with no lenses and no lasers."

Disclaimer: This is a non-medical approach and does not replace eye doctors. We recommend finding an optometrist that is familiar with the process of natural vision improvement.

put a nice quotation from Bates somewhere on the page

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I'm learning how to schedule and accomplish my goals. Here are two schedules - one the one I wrote up last night and the other a summary of what I did.

wake up

drink water and write down all my dreams

hour of meditation/prayer and hour and a half yoga

8 am  eat in a calm manner and just eat

9 physical work study

10 call stephanie/finish bob moss interview

11 imaginal tooling
business cards/flyers
complete go to whole foods

    Chi Flow
14 work with ian xland
    - setting goals
    - i want him to experience a powerful shift in vision where glasses are completely unness
    - powerful relaxation/sense of calm/directedness/whatever else

15 organizing while listening to something inspiring


17pm dinner

1745pm reading


19 - community chest - taking stock of all the goodnesses in the community
    soul-collage ish?

20pm get schedule clear for the next day

2030 meditation for 24 minutes (increase minutes as i increase age ; )

if inspired re-check/re-form schedule

21pm go to sleep and visualize community, health, mission/path, love, power, education


what i did

drink water and write down all my dreams
930am drove dad to work
bounce on trampoline
ate in a calm manner and just ate
pumpkin seeds, millet, kale
work in stanford garden
bike there and back
finished bob moss interview
contacted wanda burch offering healing
lunch 4-5 apples, pomegranate, 3 bananas, 3 persimmons
roll around bang bell, chant and chakra colors
resentment clearing change aura change life
work w/xland solidifyrelationship and good things happening!
walk w/mom
rozalind gruben video, stretching Lotus position!

5pm talk with oz check on progress
dinner pea soup with millet, pumpkin
hanging wiht fam watching funny stuff bonding
osho sex sacred experience video
zack ytube vid
gi2mr person joined group of healing exchange
    responding about contact lenses

7:30 turned off lamp, lit candles

I will meditate before bed. I learned that I can hold lotus position! It is still to be relaxed into, but I am so happy through this! There is much organizing to be done, and I will happily do it tomorrow. this was a busy day and I am ready for rest.

I do not know what tomorrow will look like exactly but I have set several intentions

these in the morning: dreams, meditation, yoga, cut bougainvillea
to finally write up my steve pavlina interview. steve if you read this i apologize for the length of time it has taken me to get to it.
then to work on greater scheduling. i would also like to read my medical physiology book and get to the basic chemistry. and get some good play time in.
to drink enough water and to get a lot of greens in my system.
10 steve p completion

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

draft for nolenses no lasers

Did you know there was a way to actually improve your eyesight instead of wearing glasses or getting laser surgery?

what if you could improve your eyesight even if you already didn't use corrective lenses?

have you considered that some people have better eyesight because they use their eyes differently?

-dr william h bates a maverick m. d.opthalmologist of the twentieth century discovered that
stress and straining were the cause of most of his patients eye problems

(guy watching tv)

he discovered this because he noticed that when patients that lost their glasses returned to be fitted for new glasses, were requiring less powerful prescriptions than before. after further study dr. bates noticed that people that wore glasses tended to use their bodies with more strain and poor posture than their clear-sighted counter-parts

that was me crouched over staring at my computer screen

(guy watching tv)

nearsighted - a minus 3.75 prescription with astigmatism

i didn't believe there could possibly be a natural cure to vision problems i'd had glasses since i was twelve and my vision was just getting worse - every time i got checked for glasses my prescription would be more powerful

i knew i was straining. my shoulders were tight and hunched forward, my neck was tight and my eyes certainly did not feel relaxed

it was hard to relax because of how stressed i was, but somehow i found out about meditation and soon learned that at least once in a while i could calm down mentally and just experience my being

i took off my glasses more and more and soon saw a very important improved to my eyes - i could read the computer screen without glasses. this was all i truly needed to see because i was not driving at the time and had no direct need to see distant details

i kept my glasses off for several months and noticed that when i tried them on again i would feel a headache. later i discovered that this "headache" was my muscles squeezing my eye to elongate the focal length so that i would see clearly with the lenses on.

i knew i was making progress. especially in the morning after a nice rest, my vision appeared clearer. once in a while I would have a flash of great clarity. i would see 20/20 for a brief instant, i'd notice the clarity and try to see 20/20 after that. as soon as i'd try the sharpness would fade!

i finally had the great fortune and opportunity to speak with Greg Marsh a Natural Vision Teacher out of Fort Collins, CO. He had improved his eyesight from -14 and -12 truly coke bottle thick glasses! He encouraged me and told me it was possible to heal my eyes. After that day I progressed by leaps and bounds.

I began to palm more and more (image would be great here)

Everyday I noticed more directly how i was holding my body and how i could relax and everyday I did relax. I became more and more free and relaxed in my movement. And my vision became increasingly vivid. I went to the optometrist and was re-checked and my prescription was reduced all the way to -2.25 from a -3.75. As soon as I saw this, my vision improved even more

I understood and directly felt the strain i was putting on my eyes and noticed how amazingly vivid my vision and how great  i felt when i relaxed. it took me a lot of work though because there were so many reasons i had to not be relaxed. i was deep in debt, didn't have a sufficient job, lonely, scared about the world, and used my computer all day and night! plus, i wasn't around people who were consciously helping me relax. So I turned the tables around and started helping others relax and find their peace.

Even though my body was tense in different places, I learned how to truly appreciate my mental peace and spent time every single day dedicated to that mental peace. I found that most of my friends did not have a personal peace practice and discovered how much I loved to help with that!

Since I was in Israel and my friends were accross the world, I began conducting relaxation sessions over skype. They were individually tailored, but they usually were something ilke this....

make sure you're sitting comfortably with your back straight and your hands in a comfortable place where you won't need to move them for a while... eetc...

with each session i found a deeper sense of peace and relaxation not only for my mind but for my body and it felt so great to receive the gratitude from my friends.. i continued with my practices and realized everyday that my vision improves. life has become so much more vivid since i have ceased straining and stressing and staring. it feels like i am not stuck anymore. that ican see without any aid of correction. it's amazing to believe that i wore glasses for twelve years. i missed out on so much fun! so much vivid colors and joy of being relaxed with people! it feels so good to have a relaxed body and to see things without straining! i now know that eveyr time i put on those glasse my eyes were straining! how can i live a life of constant strain! what a terrible loss.

i guess i am grateful that iw ent through this becaiuse i can now help some of the millions of people stressing and straining simply to see! how much better would life be to wake up feeling confident without an external aid? wouldn't it be nice to be relaxed from morning till night? to discover that situations you thought were stressful can actually be relaxed and calm? i can remember so many experiences helping people relax and hwo grateful I was to provide some relief to others. everyday my breathing becomes deeper and my body is more flexible. the more delicately i use my eyes the more vivid and clear my vision is. at times it is much better than 20/20.

i have told you much of my story. there is more but it's only necessary if you are really interested in relaxing and improving your vision. if you'd like my help, i offer guided relaxation and assistance getting into meditation for $1 a minute. if you cannot afford this i offer alternative agreements. i have put my story out there for all to see how i improved and my full process, if you are willing to do this too i will happily help you because you are happily helping others. may you have a calm and peaceful and exciting day and wonderful restIt truly improved instantly because I relaxed.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Immense Clarity

So the past couple weeks have been largely dedicated to clearing energy. Clearing energy means clearing energy means clearing energy means clear energy. Obviously my vision has been very important to me and I pride myself on having healed my eyesight fully. It is amazing and everyday I must truly update my worldview no pun intended because of how wonderful my eyesight now is after 12 years of tension staring and glasses. Thank God for God. Special shout out to Dr. Bates of the Bates Method, Meir Schneider, and Greg Marsh - you have helped me so much. Special thanks to my dad who taught me I could believe whatever I wanted regardless of what the majority of people seem to think and special thanks to my mother who had the faith in positive change and both of them for their constant unconditional love - I truly could not have been blessed with better parents. I would like to thank Dogson my spiritual brother and fellow material teacher, student, client, patron, shapeshifter, bodhi et cetera. Special thanks as well to Suzan my life coach for increasing my accountability and responsibility. Immense growth one million salutations to all.

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