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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

draft for nolenses no lasers

Did you know there was a way to actually improve your eyesight instead of wearing glasses or getting laser surgery?

what if you could improve your eyesight even if you already didn't use corrective lenses?

have you considered that some people have better eyesight because they use their eyes differently?

-dr william h bates a maverick m. d.opthalmologist of the twentieth century discovered that
stress and straining were the cause of most of his patients eye problems

(guy watching tv)

he discovered this because he noticed that when patients that lost their glasses returned to be fitted for new glasses, were requiring less powerful prescriptions than before. after further study dr. bates noticed that people that wore glasses tended to use their bodies with more strain and poor posture than their clear-sighted counter-parts

that was me crouched over staring at my computer screen

(guy watching tv)

nearsighted - a minus 3.75 prescription with astigmatism

i didn't believe there could possibly be a natural cure to vision problems i'd had glasses since i was twelve and my vision was just getting worse - every time i got checked for glasses my prescription would be more powerful

i knew i was straining. my shoulders were tight and hunched forward, my neck was tight and my eyes certainly did not feel relaxed

it was hard to relax because of how stressed i was, but somehow i found out about meditation and soon learned that at least once in a while i could calm down mentally and just experience my being

i took off my glasses more and more and soon saw a very important improved to my eyes - i could read the computer screen without glasses. this was all i truly needed to see because i was not driving at the time and had no direct need to see distant details

i kept my glasses off for several months and noticed that when i tried them on again i would feel a headache. later i discovered that this "headache" was my muscles squeezing my eye to elongate the focal length so that i would see clearly with the lenses on.

i knew i was making progress. especially in the morning after a nice rest, my vision appeared clearer. once in a while I would have a flash of great clarity. i would see 20/20 for a brief instant, i'd notice the clarity and try to see 20/20 after that. as soon as i'd try the sharpness would fade!

i finally had the great fortune and opportunity to speak with Greg Marsh a Natural Vision Teacher out of Fort Collins, CO. He had improved his eyesight from -14 and -12 truly coke bottle thick glasses! He encouraged me and told me it was possible to heal my eyes. After that day I progressed by leaps and bounds.

I began to palm more and more (image would be great here)

Everyday I noticed more directly how i was holding my body and how i could relax and everyday I did relax. I became more and more free and relaxed in my movement. And my vision became increasingly vivid. I went to the optometrist and was re-checked and my prescription was reduced all the way to -2.25 from a -3.75. As soon as I saw this, my vision improved even more

I understood and directly felt the strain i was putting on my eyes and noticed how amazingly vivid my vision and how great  i felt when i relaxed. it took me a lot of work though because there were so many reasons i had to not be relaxed. i was deep in debt, didn't have a sufficient job, lonely, scared about the world, and used my computer all day and night! plus, i wasn't around people who were consciously helping me relax. So I turned the tables around and started helping others relax and find their peace.

Even though my body was tense in different places, I learned how to truly appreciate my mental peace and spent time every single day dedicated to that mental peace. I found that most of my friends did not have a personal peace practice and discovered how much I loved to help with that!

Since I was in Israel and my friends were accross the world, I began conducting relaxation sessions over skype. They were individually tailored, but they usually were something ilke this....

make sure you're sitting comfortably with your back straight and your hands in a comfortable place where you won't need to move them for a while... eetc...

with each session i found a deeper sense of peace and relaxation not only for my mind but for my body and it felt so great to receive the gratitude from my friends.. i continued with my practices and realized everyday that my vision improves. life has become so much more vivid since i have ceased straining and stressing and staring. it feels like i am not stuck anymore. that ican see without any aid of correction. it's amazing to believe that i wore glasses for twelve years. i missed out on so much fun! so much vivid colors and joy of being relaxed with people! it feels so good to have a relaxed body and to see things without straining! i now know that eveyr time i put on those glasse my eyes were straining! how can i live a life of constant strain! what a terrible loss.

i guess i am grateful that iw ent through this becaiuse i can now help some of the millions of people stressing and straining simply to see! how much better would life be to wake up feeling confident without an external aid? wouldn't it be nice to be relaxed from morning till night? to discover that situations you thought were stressful can actually be relaxed and calm? i can remember so many experiences helping people relax and hwo grateful I was to provide some relief to others. everyday my breathing becomes deeper and my body is more flexible. the more delicately i use my eyes the more vivid and clear my vision is. at times it is much better than 20/20.

i have told you much of my story. there is more but it's only necessary if you are really interested in relaxing and improving your vision. if you'd like my help, i offer guided relaxation and assistance getting into meditation for $1 a minute. if you cannot afford this i offer alternative agreements. i have put my story out there for all to see how i improved and my full process, if you are willing to do this too i will happily help you because you are happily helping others. may you have a calm and peaceful and exciting day and wonderful restIt truly improved instantly because I relaxed.

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