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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Immense Clarity

So the past couple weeks have been largely dedicated to clearing energy. Clearing energy means clearing energy means clearing energy means clear energy. Obviously my vision has been very important to me and I pride myself on having healed my eyesight fully. It is amazing and everyday I must truly update my worldview no pun intended because of how wonderful my eyesight now is after 12 years of tension staring and glasses. Thank God for God. Special shout out to Dr. Bates of the Bates Method, Meir Schneider, and Greg Marsh - you have helped me so much. Special thanks to my dad who taught me I could believe whatever I wanted regardless of what the majority of people seem to think and special thanks to my mother who had the faith in positive change and both of them for their constant unconditional love - I truly could not have been blessed with better parents. I would like to thank Dogson my spiritual brother and fellow material teacher, student, client, patron, shapeshifter, bodhi et cetera. Special thanks as well to Suzan my life coach for increasing my accountability and responsibility. Immense growth one million salutations to all.

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