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Sunday, October 25, 2009

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It would be such a shame to live a short life in pain.
Please relax. You'll be doing a service to all by doing so.
How can you be peaceful without being relaxed?
How can you truly enjoy life without being relaxed?
Are you ready to discover a deeper quality of relaxation throughout your life?

Contact David.Hestrin@Gmail.Com (650)265-1776
Imagine your new beginning in a calm, alert, and vividly vibrant life.
Your body can't wait for the day it is used properly.
Your body can't wait for the night it can finally deeply rest.
Wouldn't everything change for the better if you discovered your deepening calm?

If you've read this far you indubitably realize that this is much more than your prescription;
this is about how you perceive the world. I remember feeling so awkward wearing glasses.
I remember being handicapped in sports and feeling bewildered without my visual crutches,
not to mention my complete ignorance of how harmful my posture and body language were
to my total well being! To wear glasses is to be in a constant state of strain - end of story.
I have looked far and wide for the example of an individual with proper posture and body
use and am yet to discover even one individual with a relaxed body and poor vision - think about it
If you want the help of someone who's overcome nearsightedness, cylinder, and astigmatism.
You know what to do.
: )

                          To fully succeed you must fully relax.

Mental strain of any kind always produces a conscious or unconscious eyestrain and if the strain takes the form of an effort to see,
an error of refraction is always produced.

William H Bates, MD, Perfect Sight Without Glasses, page 109

Is your love-life producing blessings or stress?
Is your work producing stress or blessings?
Can you say no to people?
Do you feel yourself holding yourself back in social situations?
Are you uncomfortable being alone with yourself (no tv, computer, book, etc...)?
Do you have a long list of reasons why you don't feel good?
Do you have a long list of reasons why you shouldn't feel good?
Do you have a long list of conditions necessary for you to feel good?

Wouldn't it feel good to learn how to process stress into relaxation?

Contact me (650)265-1776 David.Hestrin@Gmail.com

It has been demonstrated in thousands of cases that all abnormal action of the external muscles of the eyeball is accompanied by a strain or effort to see, and that with the relief of this strain the action of the muscles becomes normal and all errors of refraction disappear.
William H Bates, MD, Perfect Sight Without Glasses, page 89

I improved my eyesight from -3.75 to 20/20

My name is David S. Hestrin and I learned the principles of natural eyesight improvement and learned
how to relax my body.  I was prescribed glasses at the age of 12 and had glasses for twelve years until
learning about the Bates Method, getting teachers, and applying the principles of relaxation into my life.
It was hard...
until I realized that it was truly about ease and relaxation and that I found myself completely relaxed!
I had the good fortune to interview Greg Marsh CNVT - a man that healed his eyesight from a -14 prescription!
Watch his video to learn more. Or read the interview I conducted with him:

The act of seeing is passive.  Things are seen, just as they are felt, or
heard, or tasted, without effort or volition on the part of the subject.
When sight is perfect the letters on the test card are waiting,
perfectly black and perfectly distinct, to be recognized.

William H Bates, MD, Perfect Sight Without Glasses

If you don't notice improvements the session is free.

I know that what I say next might be bad for business, but here goes - my research that has not been verified by the FDA shows a 100% rate of success in individuals who FULLY RELAX. These findings imply that if you fully relax, then you will regain your natural eyesight completely.

Notice how your eyes feel now. How does it feel to move them around?
If you are fully relaxed it will feel great. If you are fully relaxed like me, your body feels great all day and all night! In fact, your body feels better each and every day!

It's not too good to be true! Just ask any disciplined yogi, tai chi master, or meditator! If it wasn't bringing deeper and deeper levels of peace and joy to their DIRECT EXPERIENCE - they wouldn't do it!

David S. Hestrin NVT (650)265-1776
David.Hestrin@Gmail.Com RELAXATION


How to live an active relaxed life.
How to turn stressing into blessing.
How to take your glasses off and keep them off,

                 As you relax and improve your vision naturally!

Want to read a sales pitch? Keep reading! Or just schedule today!

Are glasses a pain in the neck? Tired of dry eyes wearing contacts?
Not yet convinced that you should shoot lasers at your corneas?

Maybe there's another way. A way that can actually IMPROVE eyesight!

                                              Think About It!

Since getting glasses, has your vision improved or has it gotten worse?

It is a mistake to believe that even though the glasses do no good they cannot do harm.  Glasses keep up the strain.  A person wearing glasses for myopia has to strain all the time in order to make the eyeball elongated sufficiently to fit the glasses.
William H Bates, MD, Better Eyesight magazine, September 1922

    Imagine yourself completely relaxed

The 20th century ophthalmologist William H. Bates M.D. pioneered

a natural approach to improving your eyesight.

What was this doctor's key to vision improvement?      Relaxation!

The ways in which people strain to see are infinite, and the
methods used to relieve the strain must be almost equally varied. 
Whatever the method that brings most relief, however,
the end is always the same, namely relaxation.

William H Bates, MD, Perfect Sight Without Glasses, page 101

                          Could it be that simple?   
                                              Consider the words of the man that healed thousands!
When one's mind is under a strain one unconsciously tightens the muscles which encircle the eyeball, and consequently squeeze it out of shape and out of focus.  
But when the mind is at rest these muscles are relaxed and the eyeball is allowed to assume its proper shape and focus.

William H Bates, MD, Better Eyesight magazine, May 1923
Are you ready to relax?
Remember what Dr. Bates said?
The end is always the same... relaxation.
I can help you relax.
I can help you uncover your natural capacity for calm.
I can help you re-train your body and mind to replace stressing with blessing.
Contact Me David S. Hestrin NVT (650)265-1776
$77 - 55 minutes
Most of my patients always do better when they have someone with perfect sight to encourage them by their example or advice.
William H Bates, MD, Better Eyesight magazine, July 1922

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