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Thursday, October 22, 2009


I'm learning how to schedule and accomplish my goals. Here are two schedules - one the one I wrote up last night and the other a summary of what I did.

wake up

drink water and write down all my dreams

hour of meditation/prayer and hour and a half yoga

8 am  eat in a calm manner and just eat

9 physical work study

10 call stephanie/finish bob moss interview

11 imaginal tooling
business cards/flyers
complete go to whole foods

    Chi Flow
14 work with ian xland
    - setting goals
    - i want him to experience a powerful shift in vision where glasses are completely unness
    - powerful relaxation/sense of calm/directedness/whatever else

15 organizing while listening to something inspiring


17pm dinner

1745pm reading


19 - community chest - taking stock of all the goodnesses in the community
    soul-collage ish?

20pm get schedule clear for the next day

2030 meditation for 24 minutes (increase minutes as i increase age ; )

if inspired re-check/re-form schedule

21pm go to sleep and visualize community, health, mission/path, love, power, education


what i did

drink water and write down all my dreams
930am drove dad to work
bounce on trampoline
ate in a calm manner and just ate
pumpkin seeds, millet, kale
work in stanford garden
bike there and back
finished bob moss interview
contacted wanda burch offering healing
lunch 4-5 apples, pomegranate, 3 bananas, 3 persimmons
roll around bang bell, chant and chakra colors
resentment clearing change aura change life
work w/xland solidifyrelationship and good things happening!
walk w/mom
rozalind gruben video, stretching Lotus position!

5pm talk with oz check on progress
dinner pea soup with millet, pumpkin
hanging wiht fam watching funny stuff bonding
osho sex sacred experience video
zack ytube vid
gi2mr person joined group of healing exchange
    responding about contact lenses

7:30 turned off lamp, lit candles

I will meditate before bed. I learned that I can hold lotus position! It is still to be relaxed into, but I am so happy through this! There is much organizing to be done, and I will happily do it tomorrow. this was a busy day and I am ready for rest.

I do not know what tomorrow will look like exactly but I have set several intentions

these in the morning: dreams, meditation, yoga, cut bougainvillea
to finally write up my steve pavlina interview. steve if you read this i apologize for the length of time it has taken me to get to it.
then to work on greater scheduling. i would also like to read my medical physiology book and get to the basic chemistry. and get some good play time in.
to drink enough water and to get a lot of greens in my system.
10 steve p completion

Google Search !