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Sunday, October 25, 2009


Here is some text I wrote at some point.

If you have been carrying tension it is quite possible your conscious mind has not determined to become fully aware of the nature of your pain. I have my clients play a game called "name your pain." The function of this is to allow their conscious minds to extend their awareness space. Many people if they are asked to point to where they feel their presence point to their heads, others to their hearts, others just open their arms wide and feel all as their presence. If the body has been crying in pain and the conscious mind or sub-conscious mind at some point has determined to ignore or suppress these messages, it is likely (if not necessary) that the conscious mind will no longer inhabit those tense and painful areas. Since the tense and painful areas are dynamic and not simply a piece of real estate, the denying mind creates a larger cloud of pain than actually exists. In order to deny the pain, the body must create a buffer zone of numbness. In order to create the numb zone, the body avoids free movement and deep breathing. What do you think avoiding deep breathing and free movement does to your body?  So if the conscious mind finds itself attending to shoulder pain, does it have the stamina to resolve it? Does the conscious mind first realize that the pain is self-caused and that through one of a multitude of methods that pain could disappear as the energy going into its creation is simply returned to flow properly throughout the bioenergetic system?

If you have ever noticed tense use of a body you see that certain areas of muscle appear hard. It is common for nearsighted people to move around as if their shoulders were a snare drum.

What requires more energy - constantly contracting a muscle, or allowing the muscle to be loose until contraction is useful?

It is an obvious question with an obvious answer and it is important that the conscious mind allows this understanding to settle deep into the being of the body. Deep understanding that it is preferable for your body to allow muscular relaxation must wash over all tension. Olympic weight lifters know this. Olympic weight lifters know to exert only the amount of energy necessary for their task. If you have ever picked up a milk jug expecting it to be full and it is empty

Upon understanding this, the conscious mind AND the unconscious mind can begin to allow relaxation of tension on the basis of recirculating the unnecessarily expended energy. This is an important pattern to rework because of the previous patterns that resulted in tension for so long.

The previous pattern is of the conscious mind inadvertantly being alerted to pain and reacting to it by further resistance or avoidance - because at both a conscious and unconscious level the mind has judged awareness of pain to be a negative stimulus instead of the energetic gold mine that it is.

This same principle can be applied to proper eating habits. A person notices that on a daily basis 10% of their caloric intake*(cola) does not serve nutritive purposes. If the person approaches this from a judging perspective this can cause further pain. Even though a person can end up making a shift in eating pattern, their core perspective is not yet healed. When the core perspective sees healing everywhere, the person can be considered healed.

 Naming your pain allows your complete body to speak with you. Please note and feel out that language "speak with you;" there is something discordant about this because the body is you. Now I don't wish to discuss the idea that we as individuals are in fact many and form some kind of consensus consciousness, but please feel this idea of being many - the idea that your leg is not you but speaks with you and is one of you speaking for you. Naming your pain extends positive consciousness throughout the body. A body in denial of pain - which is the linear time case in 100% of clients - once a person names all their pains a transformation must happen because the communication has been returned. Do you want a clear line of communication with your shoulders regardless of how painful it might be? Remember I am asking about a CLEAR line of communication. This may sound extreme but I see implications on global policy and strong symbolism between the internal state and external state. We can avoid communicating from our aching back - we don't want to listen, we don't want to hear! However, what would happen if we listened? We'd understand that the back wants less and not more! The back doesn't want more energy from us - it wants less! The tensions are only existing when energy is directed there to maintain the constant improper muscular tension. It is really that simple. So if it is that simple how come the shoulders are tense? To me, naming the pain is simple and fun like meeting a new friend in a pick-up game of basketball - we will be team-mates for the afternoon and perhaps never see each other again in the same form. Naming your pain

All right let's do this

3 breaths set and feel positive general intentions for this session to be mentally clear physically healthy spiritually wealthy and generous
and expand our clarity as to where we are how we feel our bio-energetics let's take another 3 breaths to fortify our awareness of how dynamic our healing is

what i'd like us to do is allow a creation of the clearest notion of health and well being we can possibly imagine in fact i'd like us to imagine that we can imagine more than we can possibly imagine - do you have a direct positive experience with the notion of imagining more than you can possibly imagine? gooood

okay now that we're so clear about our bodies and spirits healthy functioning now that we are so clear

something exciting/relaxing maybe with music
if there could be music that starts automatically that is really calming maybe - and with an easily seen thing to turn off the music

"relax, breathe, and feel your muscle tension melting and discover yourself improving your eyesight with no lenses and no lasers."

Disclaimer: This is a non-medical approach and does not replace eye doctors. We recommend finding an optometrist that is familiar with the process of natural vision improvement.

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