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Sunday, November 15, 2009



Bates Method updated for the 21st century - I improved my eyesight from 20/200 to 20/10

whether you use corrective lenses or not, chances are your relaxation and eyesight can improve!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Glasses do not heal vision problems.

Has your prescription increased in power? I, like most people, began with a -.25 prescription that incrementally went up to a -.5, -.75, -1,5, -2.25, all the way to -3.75. It took many visits to the eye doctors and new glasses, new frames, and contacts. Each visit cost around $200 and the glasses cost around $100 for the frame and another $100 for the lenses. Well over $2000 have been spent on glasses.

Somehow, at 24 I do not require glasses at all. Not for reading distance. Not for reading close. Not for driving during day or night. I palmed, relaxed, did yoga, imagined clarity, allowed clarity and over time found that clarity.

To me it is obvious that muscle tension caused the blurriness. I was tense unnecessarily. I could feel it. I could feel that my eyes were not simply relaxed. When I would relax I'd find my vision improved. When I'd wake up after restful sleep I'd see that my acuity had improved. After long hours late at night on the computer, my vision would be blurrier. It didn't take much for me to understand. Either way I wanted to feel relaxed in my eyes so I did the work. I allowed myslf to process whatever feelings were going on. I cried and wailed and relaxed and danced and made eye contact and connected and showed up for life.

What is the use of the glasses?

Well you say that you can't see without them. The issue I take with that statement is that you clearly do see blurry. Let me say that again - you are clearly seeing things blurry. You are clearly not seeing thing clearly if your vision is blurry - this is meaningful to your psychology. This is meaningful to your life. This is just like if you are carrying massive amounts of tension in your pelvis. Would massive amounts of tension in your pelvis have some impact on your sexuality? Would it stem from your sexual blocks or create sexual blocks? Does tension in the shoulders create anger? Does anger create shoulder tension?

If you don't understand that your muscular use is obscuring your clarity and you think it's a congenital hereditary condition to have blurry vision, then I can understand your refusal to take off your lenses and see how you see the world. However, if you know that it is the muscles I urge you to remove your glasses because they encourage terrible misuse and misshaping the eyeball.

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