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Monday, January 4, 2010

Day 34 8-1-1 Organic Raw Vegan

So I went to dinner today. And brought along a salad and ate none of the food. I am continuing to maintain 100%. I mean it when I say 100%.

Tomorrow I will eat plenty bananas. PLENTY. I am buying mexican organic cases for $28 I expect you should be able to do this too. 40 pounds is a case is roughly 10,000 calories is perhaps 2-5 days depending on activity. Not bad for a lady to pay $4 a day on the major calorie source - and you can likely forage for your greens, but paying a couple bucks ain't no thang neither.

I feel ridiculously good. Every sense has been upgraded. I considered myself intelligent before. Now I feel so much more clear. So much more open. So much more positive and so much more aware of subtle negativities and my power to shift them to rein them in energetically and recirculate the energetic harvest.

So being at dinner was easy. I had a huge salad and others ate from it and though the smells of the various dishes were nice, but I'm committed. As soon as I see 90 years old who run marathons and eat cheeseburgers, I'll believe it's possible... I can see that future for organic raw vegans.

So what else is there to say. Buy the 80-10-10 Diet by Dr. Graham it's in the carousel at the top of the page. Watch his videos on google video too.


I should add that my basketball skills have massively improved. I have gone from feeling some kind of trepidation before joining people on court to being proud of my defensive tenacity and skills and am starting to get the game a lot more with regards to offensive collective strategy. it feels very good. Feeling beauty everywhere and so much love for everyone in my life... that means you!

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