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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Interesting Dream

So as you know that one day I ate foods that inflamed my coucabetic pesticidic spicitic conditions. That night I had an amazing dream where my left ring finger's nail was purple and black frightening! On the other hand I could see flames on all my fingers *not thumb except for ring finger which had a little spoon on it.

I looked it up on google and found the the ring finger is associated with Kidney. Kidney's would have issues handling the salt and spices and pesticides. Ah I should mention more that I noticed swollen glands after eating the cooked food, just like it was written in so many places that cooked food causes increased white blood cells - although that doesn't necessarily mean swelling is from increased white blood cells, but is certainly indicative of some kind of action. PRobably lymph and given the runny nose and mucus increase the congestion that happened while eating... all this points to what it actually is - not the best food.

we have choice. We can eat pizza and meat and all sorts of things and say we have a good time eating it and even have a good time eating it, but there's a better option. And if we are offered a good option and a great option - we must take the great option if we want to grow in life.

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